Beat Generals Review: Make Beats Using FL Studio

beat generals

I decided today to share with you one of the best sources of beat making tutorials available in the internet. It’s a membership website called Beat Generals.

Beat generals offers video tutorials, sound kits and premium support for all its members to help them learn how to create sick beats just like professional producers do it. Beat generals tutorials are based on using FL Studio software which is one of the best beat makers.

If you’re using FL Studio and you still finding some problems with it, Beat Generals is your best option to sharpen your skills and develop them as quickly as possible.

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In this article, I’ll try to cover everything about Beat Generals and how I personally found it when I tried it a while ago. So, let’s get started then !!

Still a BEGINNER ? Then You Should See This First

What Beat Generals is offering ?

The first question that came up to your mind is that what this Beat Generals membership program is offering ? Actually, they’re offering 3 essential features. See below!

1. Video Tutorials

This is the main plate, there are hundreds of step-by-step and easy-to-understand videos covering everything that you need to know to master FL Studio. This a shortcut for every beginner to save time because these videos will guide you in the right direction showing tricks and techniques used by professional producers.

This is an example of tutorials:

2. High Quality Sound Samples

In addition to the tutorials, you’ll get instantly after subscribing hundreds of professional drum kits to take your beats to a whole new level. Drum sounds are the foundation of your beats and Beat Generals guys know that so they’re giving you the best. Also, you’ll get full project files and midi files to make things even easier for you to produce the kind of music you like.

3. Real-Time Support & Monthly Updates

As you’re just starting out with FL Studio software, you’ll definitely face some issues that will probably bore you to death. Therefore, they’re offering an instant support by professional support agents to help you solve whatever problem you have. Also, since musical trends change and new music styles appear everyday, they’re committed to do a monthly update to their video tutorials library. Each month they add several video tutorials showing you how to do the latest beat making techniques discovered.

beat generals

The Pros of Beat Generals Program

If you want the quick answer, this shit is a gold mine. Offering so many amazing features that will surely boost your level in a matter of a few weeks. Here are some of the Pros below.

  • It covers every little detail of FL Studio, so you won’t get lost using this beat maker.
  • It’s perfect for both beginner and average producers.
  • Several Videos being added every month to keep you updated.
  • It saves you time. Instead of going through a lot of shitty videos on YouTube, everything you need is one click away.
  • Amazing  drum kits that will make your beats sounds a lot better.
  • It has a forum where you can ask for help and get inspired by other members’ ideas.
  • High quality Video tutorials that are easy to follow and apply.
  • Their tutorials cover all tricks and techniques used by professional producers.
  • Affordable Price that is much lower than the value provided.
  • You can Try it for FREE (Limited access) : Try Beat Generals NOW

The Cons of Beat Generals Program

I was trying to find some downsides of beat generals program and it was really hard thing to do. Their service is the best available in the internet. But, as every service on the web it has some cons.

  • It’s time Consuming. There are so many tutorials that can consume your time if your time is not well organized.
  • It’s a monthly program. So, you’ll have to pay your subscription fees every month.
  • It only covers FL Studio software.

Last Thoughts

As you can see it’s really an interesting membership website for every person who’s looking for a way to develop his beat making skills and take its beat to a whole new level.

There’s nothing to loose here. You can try it for FREE here and see if you like or not. It’s this simple.

In addition, if you really want to see what they’re offering (Trial account is limited) you can subscribe with them and try it for as long as you want because they support a 60-day money back guarantee. So, I’ll repeat what I just said: There’s nothing to loose but everything to gain here. Also, you can cancel your subscription at any time you want. It’s all up to you.

beat generals

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