Best 5 Beat Maker Apps For Android In 2019

The number of smartphones and tablets is increasing a year after year which only means one thing: People love them. As a result, there are mobile applications about almost anything you can imagine.

Nowadays, almost every web/computer software has a mobile version. It became a crucial thing for any software company or website to have a version that runs at least on one mobile platform (Android/iOS) if they really want to make their clients happy.

The same rule applies on beat making software.

Today, there are hundreds of beat maker apps available in both stores. In this article I’m going to talk only about android beat maker apps. You can check iOS beat making apps here

The majority of these apps are just for fun and they’re more like games.

But, some of them (check the list below) have some really advanced options that can help you create a decent beat in minutes.

I’m not saying that beat maker apps are an alternative for computer software (at least for now).

However, they’re fun and if you really love making music I bet you’d want to have an app that does that on your phone.

Here are 5 beat maker apps for android devices that I found really interesting and worth trying to try in 2018.

So, give them a try and let me know what do you think in the comments.


With over one million users and a rating of 4.5/5 (+430 000 voters) comes Music Maker Jam that has been updated last June to provide you a better experience.

Music Maker Jam is a simple beat maker app that allow you to produce beats easily using a complete range of 70 music styles and an 8-channels mixer.

Also, it comes with real time effects and thousands of professional loops that you can easily integrate to your beats.

You’re going to have so much fun with this app. We totally recommend it.

music maker jam

Music Maker Jam

What I Like Most About This App

You get 10 FREE music style packs
You can record your own vocals
Sharing your beats on Soundcloud or Facebook for example is super easy
Hundreds of awesome paid sound packs available

What I Don’t Like & Would Add To The App

There's no autotune
You can't import your own effects to the app
Not everyone can afford to buy music style packs

Inside The App: Screenshots & Video

screenshot maker jam 2

screenshot maker jam 1

App of The Month: Our Second Recommendation

We all know how ImageLine guys are really good at what they’re doing. They brought us the amazing beat making software FL Studio that thousands of beat makers are using it everyday.

The good news is that they have a beat maker app with the same name.

It has a 4.2/5 rating from +12000 users and more than 100 000 people are using this app which signify that this app is really good.

FL Studio mobile has a great option that allows you to load your projects that you started on your phone into your FL Studio Desktop software. Also, it comes with 133 high quality instruments and loops, audio recording option and an amazing virtual piano keyboard that will blow your mind.

So, what more can you ask for?

fl studio mobile icon

FL Studio Mobile

Inside The App: Screenshots & Video

fl studio mobile screenshot 1

fl studio mobile screenshot 2

fl studio mobile screenshot 3

Hip Hop Pads (Free)

beat maker apps

It has over more than one million users and an average rating of 4.2/5 (+45000 voters) which makes it worth being on this list as one of the best beat maker apps ever.

Hip Hop Pads is different from Music Maker Jam. It’s a drum pads that allow you to produce amazing rap and Hip Hop beats only by touching the screen and playing with it. It has 6 kits of samples, 90 amazing sounds and a recording mode that will allow you to share beats with your friends.

Drum Pads 24 (Free)

beat maker apps

This is another amazing app that is similar to Hip Hop Pads app but it’s good in its own way. It has more than 5 Million installs with a rating of 4.3/5 (113 983 voters).

Using Drum Pads 24 you can produce any genre of music you like. This app put in your hands 2 scenes with 12 pads each, four loop modes for each pad and you can also share your beats with friends using the recording option.

DJ Studio 5 (Free)

beat maker apps

It’s a free music mixer for DJs that enables you to mix, remix, loop and your beat using an user-friendly layout. It’s the most downloadable app in music production category with over than 10 million downloads. Its rating is 4.1/5 from +475 000 voters.

DJ Studio 5 comes with 8 sound effects, 3-bands equalizer fro each deck and 10 customizable sample pads. Besides, you have automatic landscape and portrait mode and you can record your beats and share them on Soundcloud with your friends.

Last Words

These apps were the best 5 beat maker apps that I tried on my android phone and found them worth trying. I hope you did like them and don’t hesitate sharing with us your opinion about these apps or other android apps that you think I’ve should added them here.

What about iOS devices ? I actually made an article about the best beat app for iOS devices that can actually enable you to make a decent beat. Check it here: Beat Beat Making apps on iOS (both iPhone & iPad).

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  2. You have to try G-Stomper studio DEMO, which will get your machine resounding with more quality than usual samples . It can do more than my brain and more than my machines processor can do but is fully adjustable for all devices. I even managed to get some beats going on it.

  3. Who else wishes HIPHOP EJAY was available for mobile? Man I made some crazy sick beats on Ejay back in the day, and even tho its FAR less advanced than FL, if you master the program, which you no doubt did, you can make completely unique beats using snippets of the samples and combining and overlaying. I miss that ish…

  4. Wow!
    that FL is hella awesome….I’m now making cool beats mehn… How I wish ya can see how greatful I am… A big kpoko to ya…

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  7. Tanks for this post! But I think you have forgot an app, Beat Snap! I tried it since few weeks, it’s a good app for the beginners

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