Best Beat Making Apps on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Due to the constant developing of Mobile phones with every new cellphone that hits the stores, mobile apps are becoming more powerful everyday. It’s plain simple, better hardware opens new horizons of improvements for software which is in this case mobile apps.

Now, after the recent release of iPad Pro which comes up with amazing and powerful features. It’s time for iOS developers to bring it on and push themselves in order to build awesome apps that will make the world a better place. One of the things that were seen as impossible to work on using mobile phone is “Beat Making”. But, is that still a true fact?

As a beat maker, I’ve been trying every new beat making app in the last few years. Both on iOS and Android. So, believe me when I say that an age where beats are created on mobile phones is coming soon. I’m serious!

Nowadays, there are many powerful apps with advanced features and functions are available on app stores. For example, here are my best beat making apps for android apps.

The same goes with Apple’s App Store. There are hundreds of beat making and drum machines that are both fun and easy to use. Below, you’ll find five of the best beat making apps of iOS (works on both iPad & iPhone) in my opinion.

iMaschine (4.99$)

iMaschine beat maker app ios

It’s one of the most popular iOS apps when it comes to beat making and creating music. It has until the moment of writing this over 1100 reviews that most of them are positive. It’s a real piece of music production that can be on your pocket and use it whenever you are.

iMaschine works on all iOS devices without any problem because it can adapt to your screen size. It’s based on Maschine the renowned groove production system from Native Instruments.

Now let’s talk features. It has 16 pads for real-time groove production and a library included to make things smooth. Also, it comes with a Keyboard mode for playing chords, bass, and melodies. And let’s not forget that it contains an audio recorder to record your any audio from the microphone of your device. and so many more features…

Check the app here : iMashine

DigiDrummer Lite (Free)

digi drummer beat maker ios

It’s a free app that lets you play drums and create awesome music in a matter of minutes. It’s fun and 100% practical. You won’t find any problems in using it because it’s user-friendly.

It has over 1 million downloads since its release on 2011. Most of the reviews are positive and people seem to be happy with the experience especially since it’s free. As for me, I used it a while ago and it was quite cool and simple.

As for its features, it has 8 drum pads with a high quality library of 16-bits drum samples. What makes this app cool is that you can play with your fingers to create the beats that you like. It’s fun and you should try it.

Download it from here: DigiDrummer Lite

GarageBand (4.99$)


Say hello to one of the most popular beat makers on the app store. This app was mad by Apple itself. It has over 20.000 reviews and most of them are positive of course. It’s a great app that is worth trying for sure.

Using GarageBand you can play different instruments and edit them using your fingers to add more fun to the process. Arrange and mix your song with up to 32 tracks* using Touch Instruments, audio recordings, and loops and so many other stuff that I’ll let you to discover by yourself.

You can buy this app here: GarageBand

Figure by Propellerhead (Free)

figure app iOS

It’s yet another cool app that will enable you to make your iPhone or iPad as your production studio. It’s an app developed by Propellerhead Software who are known for their desktop software Reason. So, one thing is sure that those guys really know what they’re doing.

Figure was a real success and has many positive reviews and thousands of happy users that use this app on a daily basis. Here is what Magazine Wired said about this app :

“Propellerhead’s Figure Music App Is Awesome, Easy to Use” – Wired

Figure has so many amazing features and functionalities that will blow your mind. I’ll let you discover them after downloading the app.

Here’s the link to get it: Figure

BeatMaker 3 (24.99$)

BeatMaker 3

BeatMaker brings unmatched efficiency and depth in an intuitive audio and MIDI workstation. Look no further, the power of traditional desktop software and real hardware is now united into one single production studio.

BeatMaker 3 is rated 4.7/5 stars on the App Store!

This app was created to be similar to the professional stuff. It’s suited for live performance and intuitive composition, with ease, produce complete songs using trigger pads, sequencing tools, audio effects and much more!

BeatMaker 3 video

You can buy it from iTunes here: BeatMaker 3

Last Words

So, these were some of my favorite beat making apps that work on iOS devices. I invite you to try some of them and let me know of your opinions below. If you have any experience using one of the apps mentioned above, I’d like to hear it in the comments section.

Have fun & make sick beats at the same time!

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