Beat Making Courses For Beginners

Online courses are a great way to learn anything. The same applies on music production. There are many beat making courses available online. Some of them are for free while most of them are paid. Some are worth it while other courses are just a total mess that will ruin your learning process. So, it’s very important to be careful when purchasing an online course about beat making.

To become a good beat maker, there are a lot of elements that you need to pay attention to. Starting your learning journey the wrong way can ruin your dream of becoming a music producer before you even begin. I recommend taking a look at my previous post about the right strategy to become a decent beat maker.

Online courses are a sort of a shortcut. They save you a lot of time. A technique that you normally spend hours to master can be explained to you in a few minutes by an expert. this is the beauty of online courses. Besides, they are INSANELY CHEAP. For as little as 30 bucks you can access hours of tutorials that are designed to help you learn the basics of beat making in the fastest way possible.

In this post, I’ll show you three courses available on Udemy that I consider to be the best beat making courses available on the internet for beginners. Some of them I bought myself and others I looked them up using forums and my network of fellow beat makers. So, you can be sure that everything that will be said in this post is 100% authentic.

Course 1: Beat Making Master Class For Beginners

We begin with one of the best beat making courses, if not the best ever, for compete beginners. It’s the course of the music producer and composer Joseph Evans Jr who has done music producing with many famous TV shows such as  Real Housewives and Fuse News.

I’ve purchased this course myself a few months ago just to take a look at the content since I’ve heard so many good things about it. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. Of course I knew already most of what’s mentioned in the course. But, I’m talking about the instructor himself and his choosing of things to add to this course is brilliant. The course contains all that you need to start getting into beat making without any distraction or complicated stuff that you don’t need to know yet.

It’s PERFECT for complete beginners. It will put in the right track to make great beats in the future. I highly recommend it.

  • Curriculum: Perfect for compete beginners
  • Instructor method of teaching: He knows what he’s talking about and he gets right to the point without any complicated language.
  • Lectures: 16
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Rating: 4.4/5 with 4106 students enrolled

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Course 2 :Making Beats! 3 Producers Share Their Best Tips & Strategies

It’s a good online course that uses Ableton Live as a DAW. But, the things explained on this course can be applied using any beat making software which makes this course great. It’s Jason Allen’s course. He’s Ableton Certified Trainer who knows his stuff.

The course explains in a direct way how to create beats in a variety of genres and styles that will blow your mind. It’s straightforward without any BS along the way. Just making awesome beats with easy-to-apply techniques that will help you create more and more beats other than the ones explained in the course.

Besides, the course go an extra step to teach a few hacks that only pro music producers use in their daily process of making music. They may be a little bit advanced for some beginners but it’s a nice thing to see how the big boys are creating music.

  • Curriculum: Suitable for beginners
  • Instructor method of teaching: Slow pace that anyone can keep up with.
  • Lectures: 41
  • Length: 3.5 hours
  • Rating: 4.3/5 with 89 students enrolled
  • Price: 30$

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Course 3: Advanced Beat Making Skills (For Beginners)

Here is another course of the respected music producer Joseph Evans Jr that tackle some of the basics that any beat maker should learn. This course explains some fundamentals of music theory, mixing tips and the techniques of beat making.

I didn’t buy this course personally, but one of my friends said great things about it. You’ll get the chance to learn from 10 years of experience that Joseph has in the field. Things like developing your own unique touch and making your beats sound more professional is what this course guarantee you.

However, this course is not for compete beginners. You need to know some of the basics such as how to record a track and build a simple beat from scratch along side with some music productions fundamentals.

  • Curriculum: Good For beginners with some basic knowledge
  • Instructor method of teaching: He knows what he’s talking about and he gets right to the point without any complicated language.

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What I recommend The Most

These 3 course are all great way to start your learning process and start getting your hands dirty in beat making. You can pick any one of them and you won’t get disappointed.

However, What I highly recommend is to start with Beat Making Master Class For Beginners that will teach you the very basics of beat making in a matter of a hours. Then, buy Advanced Beat Making Skills (For Beginners) which will give more insights and beat making techniques that will set you in the right road to become a professional beat maker.

If you have purchased any of the three courses mentioned above, I’d like you to share with us your review and rating of the purchased course. This way, everybody will get to be informed about the quality and experience of all of these courses.

As usual, if you have any questions or remarks you can use the comments section below to let me know. Take care and good luck buddy !

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