8 Beat Making Tips For Beginners I wish I Knew Before



As you’re just starting out with beat making, things may be a little bit difficult which is completely normal. Remember that even the famous music producers such as Dr Dre all have been there one day in your same position. So, don’t give up directly after facing your first problem or if someone told you that you’re beats suck.

It’s normal. Everything in life that’s worth it needs time and effort to master it. The same goes with beat making. At the beginning, your beats will suck and you’ll hate yourself for that. However, after a few weeks of practice and dedication your beat making skills will be so much better.

As a result, your beats will be better and your friends will like them. Therefore, all you need is practice and a strong will to be a good music producer.

In this article, I wrote some beat making tips I wish I knew back then when I was a beginner. These tips are based on my personal experience to help you avoid some mistakes I committed when I was a beat making beginner.


1. Listen to Different Songs

In order to get inspired and find your beats’ ideas, I recommend listening to many songs that are in the same genre of music (Rap for example). Since you’ve already chosen what genre of music you want to create, take a couple hours listening carefully to the most popular songs in your chosen genre.


2. Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice makes it perfect. What most people don’t know is that the major difference between top producers and other average producers is that top producers have spent more time and efforts on beat making so that they became that good.

What I mean by practice is spending as much time as possible on mixing, listening and producing new beats every day. At some point, depending on spent time, you’ll be able to produce high quality beats that people would want to buy.


3. Use Good Sound Samples

Sound samples and instruments are the first factor that determines if your beat is good or not. So, you’d want to be very careful when choosing them. Most of beat makers come with enough instruments to start with and make your first beats (BTV Solo offers +1000 Instruments). But, as your level develops you’ll need to consider buying some high quality sounds and loops to push your beat to higher level.


4. Learn Song structures

It’s crucial to have some knowledge about song structures. Each genre of music has its particular song structure. Therefore, you should learn song parts (Intro, Chorus, Verse, Bridge, outro…) and the way they can be arranged in your music genre that you’ve chosen.

You can Learn that Here at Wikipedia : Song Structure


5. Be a Friend With other Beat Makers

I remember when I was starting out with beat making and the things was really difficult and boring because there was no one there to share with. Having your friends doing beat making is a great thing that will keep you always excited and motivated to create new beats to show them to your friends.

In case your friends are not into beat making. You can meet other beat makers online by participating on forums such as Future Producers or on social media groups like this Reddit group named We Are The Music Makers.


6. Stick With One Beat Making Software

In the beginning you still not very familiar with beat makers. So, it’s best to choose an easy-to-use beat maker (We Recommend BTV Solo) and spend some time to master it. Why I’m saying this ?

The reason is that jumping from a beat maker to another only makes things more difficult. Every beat making software needs time to master its features. So, be patient and stick with one beat making software during your first months.


7. Remake Popular Beats

Remaking most popular beats is a great way to challenge yourself. It’s one of the methods I used back then to develop my beat making skills. Fortunately, it worked great for me.

So, what I’m saying is instead of spending too much time on trying to come up with your beat’s concept. It’s easier to remake others beats and see if you are good enough. As for your own original beats, don’t worry you’ll get to that as soon as you’re good enough.


8. Have Fun

Isn’t that what life is all about ? Having fun is an essential thing that will help you keep doing beat making. It’s the way that beat making make you feel that matters. If you have this, I guarantee you that you won’t face so many problems to create sick beats.


These were 8 tips which I consider the most important for beat making beginners. If you think there are other beat making tips that I forgot to add to this article, please don’t be shy and comment below.


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