Can FL Studio Run on Macbook Air?

Can FL Studio Run on Macbook Air?

When it comes to producing music, Macbooks and FL Studio are at the top of the list of essential items needed. After a friend who’s a battle rapper wondered whether FL Studio would work with his Macbook Air, I decided to research the issue.

Can FL Studio Run on Macbook Air? FL Studio is capable of running on a Macbook Air that has a macOS version of 10.13.6 or higher. The Macbook Air also needs to have 4GB of free disk space, and 4GB of RAM or higher is recommended for optimal usage. If the Macbook Air is on the higher side of CPU performance, more instruments and FX can be run through FL Studio.

While this may be a straightforward answer, I needed to ensure that my friend knew if their Macbook Air would be able to handle FL Studio. I decided to do more research on how to check the macOS version and other system specifications on the laptop. I also wanted to know how to download and register FL Studio for use and what the different versions were that are available for purchase.

Running FL Studio on Your Macbook Air

FL Studio can be run on a Macbook Air, but the proper specs are required. If the operating system is too low or there isn’t enough space on the laptop, then the software will fail to run. 

With FL Studio, it’s recommended to have an upgraded version of the Macbook Air so that the specs will be in line with Apple and Image-Line, the developer of FL Studio. 

The model of Macbook Air is essential as not all versions are compatible with the minimum macOS version required for this software. The earliest model number that is compatible with macOS 10.13.6 is the Macbook Air 2010 model. Any Macbook Air older than that will not be able to run FL Studio.

Beginning with the 2010 model, each Macbook Air has the minimum amount of 4GB of RAM required for FL Studio. You are, however, given the option to upgrade to a higher amount, with the latest models going up to a maximum of 16GB of RAM.

The more RAM that is in the Macbook Air will help FL Studio run even more efficiently. You will also be given the ability to use a multitude of instruments with ease as well as different sound effects during a playthrough.

The amount of storage shouldn’t be an issue as even the earliest models of Macbook Airs have 128GB by default with the ability to upgrade to more storage. The latest models have been defaulted to 256GB and can upgrade to 2TB models.

How to Check the Specs on Your Macbook Air

There are many specs that you can look into on your Macbook Air. However, the only three that will determine whether you can run FL Studio are the macOS version, the amount of storage, and the amount of RAM. 

To check your laptop’s operating system version, you should click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen. A drop-down menu will be brought up, and within that menu, you will choose About This Mac. Once the screen opens, you’ll see the macOS name, such as macOS Catalina, and the version number.

To verify the amount of storage, in the same About This Mac screen, click on the tab that says storage. You will be shown how much space is being used as well as the amount of space that is available for use.

Within the same About This Mac screen, you will be able to check the amount of RAM you have in your system. Clicking on the Memory tab will show you the amount of memory that is installed on your system, as well as how many memory slots are available for upgrade.

It is worth noting that depending on the Macbook Air model you have, the memory tab may not be there. If that is the case, your Macbook Air’s RAM is not user upgradeable, meaning you will have to disassemble the laptop to upgrade it. In this case, you can view the amount of RAM on the Overview tab of About This Mac.

Downloading and Registering FL Studio for Mac

To download FL Studio for your Mac, you can go to the official website. From there, you have the option of downloading the latest version by clicking on the Download tab at the top or the Download Trial button on the homepage. Be sure to make sure that your specs match what is required and click the download option for Mac.

If you have already purchased FL Studio from the shop, or you purchased a box and have a serial number, you can sign in from the homepage. It’s essential to do this as you will need the account to unlock FL Studio.

Upon opening FL Studio, on the bottom information bar and in the Help – About panel, the software is in trial mode. To unlock FL Studio from the trial, simply log in with your Image-Line account. The information on the bottom will change to show the version that you have purchased as well as your name.

Once the software has been unlocked, you will need to restart FL Studio. The unlock process will be completed, and you will have full access to the edition that you have purchased. If you are ever doubtful that the process was successful, you can always go to the Help – About panel and check to see if your name and license is shown.

Keep in mind, whenever you upgrade to the newest version of FL Studio, you will need to sign in with your Image-Line account in the Help – About panel. This is common and will ensure that you have access to the purchased version of the software.

You are also able to install FL Studio on multiple computers, as long as it is on your personal account and not a group account. For schools, organizations, or companies that are wanting to do this, a multiple license version of the software will need to be purchased.

Which Edition of FL Studio to Purchase

There are currently four different versions of FL Studio that are available for purchase. Each of them are similar but also have noticeable differences.

FL Studio Fruity Edition

  • $99
  • Limited compared to the other editions
  • Ideal for basic melody and loop creations

FL Studio Producer Edition

  • $199
  • Unlocks all core features
  • Ideal for full song creation and mic recording

FL Studio Signature Edition

  • $299
  • Unlocks additional plugins
  • Ideal for full song creation and extra plugins

FL Studio + All Plugins Bundle

  • $899
  • Everything unlocked
  • Ideal for complete access

If any of the editions besides the All Plugins Bundle is purchased, the ability to buy plugins becomes available. While the number of plugins available for purchase depends on the version, there are a fair amount available for each one.

If you are having trouble deciding which edition to purchase, Image-Line does give you the Signature Bundle plus most of the additional plugin instrument and sound effects as a free trial. This will provide you with the option to test out the software before handing over any money.

The ability to upgrade from one edition to the next is available. Doing so, however, will cost more money out of pocket. It is recommended that the highest version that will ultimately be needed is purchased, but the shop can be checked for upgrade pricing.

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