Can You DJ Your Own Wedding?

Can You DJ Your Own Wedding

I was wondering if a person wanted to if it was possible to DJ their own wedding. These are the results I found to be most helpful.

So can you DJ your own wedding? It is possible to be your own DJ for your wedding. An iPod or a laptop would be necessary. It would be more difficult, and time is taken away from the special moments if technical difficulties arise. The bright side is saving in the pocketbooks.

The Good Points to DJing Your Wedding

There are many good points to DJing your own wedding. One of the attractions may be the saving that you accrue by spinning the tunes yourself. Many couples look for creative ways to lower the costs of a ceremony and reception, preferring not to go into debt or to save the money for the honeymoon or starting their new life together. 

Another advantage is that for both professional DJs or avid amateurs, DJing your own special day is the fulfillment of a dream of a lifetime, bringing together creative aspirations, self-expression, and the people who are nearest and dearest to you and your partner to the favorite tunes that have meaning to you. You know what your favorite song is as a couple, what the first dance number should be, the song that leads up to toasts, announcements, and benedictions. Selecting the place lists as a team can unite you and your partner in a way that is true, honest, amusing, and allows you to creatively share your couple’s vibe with the entire wedding party and your guests. 

When you are the DJ, you never have to worry about the entertainment professional showing up with the right equipment, miscommunication, or them flaking off and pulling a no-show. You know that your DJ has the event foremost in mind and that it’s the top priority. 

Part of what makes a great DJ so superlative a part of the entertainment for a wedding event is the ability to work the crowd. Whether you are the bride, the groom, or you are DJing as a team, you can pretty much command the support and goodwill of the crowd! You can read a room filled with you and your significant other’s family and friends brilliantly and thus be able to see when to increase the tempo of the tunes to incite the crowd to dance or to slow it down and let people cool down, converse, and catch their collective breaths for a moment. When you cry out, “Are you ready to party!” the answer is going to be a resounding “Yeah!”

The Bad Side to DJing Your Wedding

Just when you want to be paying attention to your partner, wedding officiant, best friends, parents, new in-laws, and other assorted guests and members of the wedding party, you’ll be focused on spinning the tunes and creating the smooth line of talk that distinguishes the great DJ.

This one could go either way, but sometimes for shout-outs like toasts to the wedding couple, announcing songs and how they relate to the celebratory couple, and words of praise, kindness, encouragement, and admiration for the bride and groom, a sense of modesty may come into play. Or it may not and you could be perfectly comfortable praising yourself…and your new spouse may not be and wish that you had gotten a third party to play DJ on your most special of days.

Would you perhaps benefit from advice, suggestions, and a disinterested perspective, coupled with experience and words of wisdom concerning everything from set-lists to patter? Doctors generally do not work on members of their immediate family, it is said that those who represent themselves and act as their own legal counsel in court have a fool for a client. See where this is going? 

Delegating can be a good thing for a major event. There is a fine line between bringing your skills to one of the major days in both you and your partner’s life and thus saving money and showing a unique touch and putting your stamp on the event and trying to take on too much. I mean, many folks are almost swamped simply making it to the wedding venue fairly sober and in the right togs.

Yes, you could design and create the wedding gear yourself, cook and serve the feast, fashion the furniture, grow the flowers for the floral arrangements, write your own vows, and after obtaining the proper credentials officiate, but (perhaps) there’s a line to be drawn so that you and your partner can relax and enjoy the big day together. Just a thought, but allowing a DJ to take over and shower you and your party with great sounds could be a time and energy saver. 

Responsibility for the music. If you are the DJ, you not only bring the music, atmosphere, and the energy to the event, you also have to bring your DJ equipment such as a laptop or digital music player programmed for the length of the reception plus an hour extra to account for people making early entrances and late exits; plus, get ready to buy, rent, or borrow a good speaker system, a mixing console, a microphone and cables for mic and the music player; and you have to set up your space and tear it down afterward.

Is It Worth It?

Only you and your significant other can determine if being the star DJ at your own “I do” affair is worth it. On the plus side, you’ll have a great story to pass on the grandkids, you might be able to get a fellow creative to buy a round at the bar if you inspire him/her with your story, and they copy your moves. You’ll save some cash, and as expensive as weddings are this could really be useful. If your partner is excited, literally, when you are at the mic then, this is a definite plus for the honeymoon phase.

On the other hand, the reasons to pass on the DJ headphones and mic on this occasion include not having to worry about the equipment. There may be a different level of sobriety needed between celebrating the nuptials and being the DJ, and you may want to really revel in the occasion without worrying that the live mic may prove too great a temptation. In the era of YouTube, are you (and your beloved) willing to risk becoming an overnight viral video sensation (for all the wrong reasons)? Some weddings can take up to a year to plan and untold resources, is having a super DJ who makes the magic happen at your reception the place where you want to draw the line?

Chances are that you know a DJ who would do a fantastic job and the wedding proud, so why not give in and indulge yourself and your loved ones in an important part of a major life event? Another reason is that this is your wedding: this is a time for jubilation and sophisticated restraint. If you cannot trust yourself not to turn the mic off when your college buddy toasts you, then maybe you should pass on the role of DJ. If you hire a DJ you can focus your attention and affection on your guests and most importantly, your partner. Ask your significant other what their preference for your mutually big day is and take his/her opinions with the gravity with the respect that they’re due. 

Related Questions:

Do I need a backup plan, or will I be okay? For a special occasion like a wedding, it would be wise to have a plan B. You do not want to end up in the dog house for your honeymoon. You can be creative with a plan B. Teach your fiancé some of your best DJ moves. Invite your favorite DJ pal to be in the bridal party. Have one or two back-up computers programmed to play at your command. Have a list of DJs that you can call on in an emergency. Or if all else fails, inform your nearest and dearest that you have religious regions why music can’t be played and acquire the reputation of a deep and spiritual individual (not to worry, you can always get back to your old ways afterward).

Will I only need a good internet connection to DJ my own wedding? Never rely on internet connections for any reason. If the internet goes down for any reason, the show’s over! The old school answer is to have a classic turntable set up and printed out set-list, a few memorable lines, and call outs, and you can make do if the power goes out. Then again, you could go for a premium music service providing ad-free listening like Apple Music, iTunes, or Spotify. Now comes the beauty part: Download your tunes to your music player, play it offline, and the beat goes on. Whether you choose to hire a DJ or take on the role yourself, enjoy this special day your way.

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