Can You Run FL Studio on Chrome Book?

Can You Run FL Studio on Chrome Book?

FL Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software that is popular among music professionals. It contains almost all of the tools you need to produce high-quality music. However, not all music software or applications like FL Studio are created equally; some are only designed for specific operating systems like Mac OS and Windows.

Can you run FL Studio on Chromebooks? FL Studio is not compatible with Chromebooks; you are not able to directly install any digital audio workstation onto a Chromebook. However, you can still create music on your device using FL Studio Mobile—the mobile version of the software— available on the Android App Store and Google Play. 

Although Chromebook’s operating system doesn’t allow users to install third-party software such as FL Studio, there’s plenty of alternatives for creating music using your device. 

FL Studio Compatibility

Sometimes referred to by its former name, FruitLoops, FL Studio 20 is compatible with both Mac OS (10.11 or higher) and Windows. Users can get a license for both operating systems upon purchase.

Available in four versions with prices ranging from $99 to $899, FL Studio is geared to producing electronic music. So, if you’re aspiring to be a DJ or mix some audio to create music for a video, it’s a great option. To test it out on a free trial basis, you can download a trial version.  

Fruity EditionFL Studio Producer EditionFL Studio Signature BundleFL Studio + ALL Plugins Bundle
Limited Playlist FeaturesFull Playlist FeaturesFull Playlist FeaturesFull Playlist Features
No Audio RecordingAudio RecordingAudio RecordingAudio Recording
No Audio Clips7 Additional Native Plugins14 Additional Native PluginsAll FL Studio VST Plugins

Source: Image Line/FL Studio

The FL Studio Mobile App 

While music industry professionals prefer the capabilities and power of the full version of FL Studio, the mobile version allows you to create music on the go! The FL Studio Mobile app can be used on Chromebooks to make multi-track musical projects. 

FL Studio Mobile allows you to record, sequence, edit, mix, master, and render your own tracks. The app offers support forums and tutorials, along with a helpful user manual. Several additional sounds are available as in-app purchases. 

FL Studio Mobile App Features

Besides being compatible with Chromebook, some of the highly sought FL Studio Mobile app features include:

  • Includes synthesizers, sampler, and drum kits
  • Sliced-loop beats available
  • Step sequencer 
  • Mixer capabilities with added effects
  • Virtual piano-keyboard and drum pads that can be configured
  • MIDI support with file import and export
  • Audio recording with track-length import (stem/wav)
  • Save and load songs or export as WAV, MP3 and FLAC files
  • Share projects with other FL Studio Mobile users 

(Source: FL Studio Mobile for Google Play)

FL Studio vs. FL Studio Mobile

If your goal is to create sophisticated, original masterpieces using the best samples and tools, you’ll want to invest in a laptop or desktop workstation and use the full version of FL Studio. But, for more casual creators of music or hobbyists wanting to use Chromebook as a primary device for music production, FL Studio Mobile is worth exploring. 

With FL Studio Mobile, you aren’t tethered to a workstation. You have the freedom to step away, maybe to the park or your front porch, to get inspiration for your tunes or beats. While the tools and instruments you’ll find on this or any other mobile music app are going to limited compared to what you’d find in the desktop FL Studio music environment, if walking around making beats sounds like your style, chances are you’ll be happy with FL Studio Mobile or something similar.

Chromebook Music Apps Similar to FL Studio Mobile

The following are other Chromebook-compatible apps for creating and editing music that allow you to make your own tracks and share them with friends. Some are free but will require you to pay for an upgrade after the trial period to continue using them.

  • JAM Just Add Music is a great app for Chromebook if you’re just getting started and want to dabble in mixing and remixing pre-loaded beats. It’s one of the best-rated music apps on Google Play.
  • Beatlab is considered one of the simplest, most user-friendly apps for creating and sharing music. This app is great for making beats but is limited in terms of sounds.
  • Audiotool, described by its developers as an “online DAW right in your browser,” is more powerful than Beatlab, and contains synthesizers, drum machines, effects, and samples.
  • AudioSauna is a better choice for Chromebook if you’re looking for more features in a user-friendly audio workstation. AudioSauna offers even more advanced tools with high-quality sounds, samplers, and effects.

Using Websites to Create Music Online

If you just want to hop online and start creating music, you can avoid downloading apps and create high-quality creations using websites designed for making and sharing music. Most of these platforms aren’t as powerful as professional desktop software but do offer the flexibility for use across multiple devices and operating systems. 

Because all of your musical projects are stored online, you can start something on your Chromebook, continue it on a desktop, then finish and share it on your smartphone. These websites offer free trials and plans that give you a sandbox to play in, so you can experiment before signing up or transitioning to a paid plan.  

Best Websites for Making Music with Chromebook

  • Soundtrap – The most popular web-based music-making platform, according to amateur musicians, music teachers, and music students, is Soundtrap. Many presets, templates, and tutorials to make it easy for beginners to get started. Soundtrap even includes AutoTune. You can also connect your own instruments to record as you play. Because this tool is on the advanced side, some music production knowledge is necessary. Monthly subscription plans start at $3.99, but a free trial is available.
  • AudioSaunaAudioSauna offers users an online audio workstation and features a virtual analog synthesizer as well as frequency modulation. It also enables users to record and share on other platforms. Although this website also requires some knowledge and skill in music production, AudioSauna is free to use.  
  • LooplabsLooplabs is another site that is popular across various sectors of music-makers. Users can create original music or remix existing songs to share on social platforms. A unique feature of Looplab is its online community that allows you to chat with other users, share and discover music, and work collaboratively. You can create using Looplabs’ pre-loaded sounds, record vocals over your beats, or work with another producer to add your voice to their tracks. Looplab is free to use; all you need is an account. 
  • Online Sequencer – The aptly-named platform, Online Sequencer, is a great tool to quickly create musical sequences. Sound categories are limited compared to other apps, and the platform is less user-friendly, but Online Sequencer allows users to import their own files to develop them further—in addition to starting from scratch. The tool is geared toward users who already know how to create tracks and sequences. There is no sign-up or subscription required for this platform. 


FL Studio is a digital audio workstation (DAW) that is the go-to software for many music producers. However, it is only compatible with Mac OS and Windows, so users on Chromebook are unable to reap the benefits of the application. Fortunately, as a Chromebook owner, you have a variety of alternative music production platforms you can use, from mobile apps to web-based programs. There’s a number of options out there, so you’re guaranteed to find one that’s right for your musical needs. 

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