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Propellerhead Reason 8 Review : Pros & Cons

Since many of you have been asking me to write a review about Propellerhead’s new version called Reason 8, I decided to go ahead and do it.

Firstly, let’s talk a little bit about the company behind this amazing beat maker. It’s Propellerhead that was founded in 1994 and has been creating instruments and software for music tools since then. It’s a Swedish company that aim to produce world-class products for all musicians around the world to help them create the kind of music they look for.

Reason 8 is the new version released recently by Propellerhead that comes to offer a better user experience by introducing much easier and faster interface that is totally different from Reason 7.

So, let’s get down to business. Here’s my reason 8 review.

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Take a look first to this video introducing Reason 8.

What I like About Reason 8

There are actually a lot of features in Reason 8 you can’t simply hate. Here are some of them I found that they need to be mentioned.

reason 8

  • NN-XT Advanced Sampler + live Sampling
  • So many amazing instruments such as: ID-8 songwriter’s toolbox and Thor polysonic synthesizer.
  • Mixing Console with a channel for every instrument and audio channel.
  • MultiTrack Sequencer with high precision audio tools.
  • So many effects such as RV7000 Advanced Reverb and Scream 4 Distortion.
  • Unlimited audio and instruments tracks.
  • An advanced Browser allows you to easily find loops and effects + Drug-and-drop option supported
  • Matrix pattern-based sequencer.
  • Realtime audio stretch
  • Advanced Export options
  • ReWire Support
  • Supports all major formats .Wav and .mp3 and others.
  • Runs on both PC and Mac
  • Great Support team that will answer all your questions.
  • Free Video Tutorials on Their YouTube Channel.

As you can see Reason 8 is a powerful beat maker that has everything you’ll need to produce the type of beats you love. Also, its new layout is outstanding. It will help you focus on music only instead of struggling with confusing buttons as in other programs.

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What I don’t like about Reason 8

Actually it’s an amazing beat maker which is considered one of the best programs ever. But, every software has its downsides. For me I don’t like that Reason 8 :

Is Difficult to use for complete beginners that are just starting out with beat making and has never used a beat maker before. Therefore, I recommend if you’re one of these people to purchase a copy of BTV Solo instead. You can read my full review about BTV Solo here.

Doesn’t Support MIDI Keyboard. This option is not available in Reason 8 Essentials (49$). But, it does exist in the full version Reason 8 which its price is expensive (399$).

Reason 8 Essentials Vs Reason 8

Propellerhead Reason 8 (Music Recording & Production Studio)

The main difference between the two editions is that Reason 8 has more advanced options that are designed for professional producers. Reason 8 Essentials comes with less effects and instruments than Reason 8.

I think it’s simple. If you’re familiar with beat makers and want to do MIDI Sequencing then you’ll probably want to go for Reason 8. In the other hand, if you’re an absolute beginner who’s just starting out with beat making then I would recommend sticking with Reason 8 Essential because it has all the features a beginner needs.

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Final Thoughts

Before Deciding which beat maker you’ll go with. You’ll need to take a look at the best beat makers available in the market to have a good idea. Also, I’d recommend reading my article about How To Choose The Right Beat Maker for You.

As always, I’d be glad to hear from you at the comments section. If you had an experience using Reason 8 don’t hesitate sharing it with your fellow producers.

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2018 UPDATE: Propellerhead Reason 10

Propellerhead Reason 10 is now available!

Check out Full Version, Upgrade version and Propellerhead Reason 10 Essentials, available now on Amazon.

cubase elements 8

Cubase Elements 8 Review: Everything You Need To Know

cubase elements 8

Choosing which software to use when it comes to music production is not easy most of the time. It’s a crucial decision so you should take all the time you need before taking a decision that you may regret later.

The DAW is the heart of your personal music studio. So, you don’t want to choose a poor one that will limit your possibilities and consequently will screw your music.

Today I decided to give you an inside look at one of the best beat makers available in the market. It’s the famous Cubase Elements from the german company Steinberg.

  Read How To Choose Your Perfect Beat Maker  

A New Version of Cubase has been released

They have released recently a new version of its program: Cubase Elements 8 that comes with amazing new features that will blow your mind. Cubase Elements comes with basicaly the same platform technology as the previous versions of Cubase family. However, it comes with a better user experience.

Cubase programs are used by thousands of professional producers around the globe. They seem all happy with the experience provided by this user-friendly beat maker.

There are other editions of Cubase 8 such as Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro that are targeting professional and well experienced music producers.

Since the advanced editions are not released yet, I’ll stick with the standard edition as it’s the only one available and ready to get at this moment.

In this review I’ll cover only Cubase Elements 8 as it’s designed for beginners and average producers which are our major concern in this website.

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The Pros of Cubase Elements 8

What I like the most about Cubase Elements 8 is that it comes with this fabulous intuitive interface that just makes every step of the process very smooth. It’s a real powerful music production system that allows you to create some sick beats.

cubase elements Here are some of the key features that I think are worth mentioning:

  • Record and mix up to 48 audio and 64 MIDI tracks
  • 24 physical inputs and outputs for recording
  • An amazing MixConsole (16 group channels) with integrated channel strip, global bypass and a full drag-and-drop support
  • Powerful drum editor to create and edit beats
  • Easy chord management with chord pads
  • 44 audio effects plug-ins
  • 3 virtual instruments with more than 1000 presets
  • Basic Audio editing tool-set with loop functions and excellent beat-slicing
  • Real-time time-stretching and pitch shifting
  • It supports all common audio formats and standards with direct SoundCloud export
  • Over 30 minutes of HD Video Tutorials
  • Affordable price: less than 99$
  • Get It Now HERE

And let’s not forget their amazing support team that will stand with you every time you have any kind of problems. So, customer support is one thing you won’t worry about when it comes to Cubase Elements.

You can get some bundle of READY-TO-USE mixing templates for Cubase Elements here.

The Cons of Cubase Elements 8

As always say, there is no perfect beat maker. They all have some downsides. But I think Cubase Elements has only a few cons that you can live with eventually.

The only problem with Cubase Elements is that it may be hard sometimes for complete beginners who are just starting out with beat making. In addition, Cubase Elements doesn’t come with enough video tutorials which leaves some features uncovered and therefore vague especially for beginners.

Therefore, If you want to follow my advice I would say that BTV Solo is better for complete beginners that has zero experience with beat making software.

Read My Personal Review About BTV Solo (Discount Link Inside)

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Cubase Elements 8 is no different than the previous versions. It’s an amazing user-friendly beat maker that has everything you’ll need to create the kind of music you want.

Therefore, I totally recommend it for everyone who wants to get their beats to whole new level and produce high quality music that will blow people’s minds.

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2018 UPDATE: Cubase Elements 9 is now out

Cubase 9: What’s new?

  • New features, streamlined workflows and new plug-ins
  • The latest update enhances the digital audio workstation in every direction and underlines Cubase’s claim of being the most complete DAW available
  • The new Lower Zone gives you direct access to editors and the MixConsole without leaving the Project window
  • The integrated Sampler Track opens up new creative possibilities
  • The precise frequency EQ takes your mix to the next level
  • The new Plug-in Sentinel, Multiple Marker Tracks, the improved Maximizer: Cubase 9 introduces loads of new features

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btv solo review

BTV Solo Review : Based On My Personal Experience

btv solo review

Since you landed on this page, it means that you’re looking for an honest btv solo review that is based on personal experience. Well, you came to the right place my friend.

As I explain in the complete guide to start beat Making for beginnersyou need to have a DAW (a beat making software) in order to start creating beats on your computer. There are dozens of beat makers in the market.


However, you need to be very careful when making your decision because purchasing the wrong beat making software can cause a lot of problems.

How To Find A Good Beat Maker For Beginners

Most beat makers are overly complicated for beginners. The interface is usually confusing and have bunch of buttons and features that can get anyone overwhelmed. The reason is that most of beat makers are originally made to suit professional music producers’ needs.

However, I think I got just the right solution for you. It’s a beat making software called BTV SOLO that was mainly designed to be perfect for complete beginners who are just starting to learn beat making basics. It’s just amazing and really affordable.

 BTV SOLO has actually helped me in my beginnings to learn the basics of music production. So, I do really believe it’s the MOST ADEQUATE beat maker for beginners because I’ve been there.  I’ve struggled with overly complicated software for a long time before finding BTV SOLO.

In this review I’ll try to clarify everything related to BTV solo based on my personal experience as someone who actually uses this software. So let’s get Started !

Take Me To See BTV Solo Features 


BTV Solo and Who’s The Man Behind It

btv solo review 2

BTV SOLO is an award-winning music production software (a beat maker) that you can use on your computer (supports both PC and Mac) to create beats from scratch. This software comes with thousands of amazing instruments that you can mix up and edit to create original beats. BTV solo will help you make the kind of music you like and get it out there.

This software is created by the super producer who won 2 Grammy awards Dallas Austin. He has worked producing hit songs with many famous artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Chris Brown, Lady gaga and many others.

The people who used BTV solo have definitely noticed the touch of Dallas Austin on his program. He has implemented great sound technology to make the process of arranging and mixing super easy for anyone.

This program enable you to arrange your music using only a computer keyboard without needing to buy any other expensive equipment such as controllers or drums. Bottom line, it’s everything that you need to start your journey of becoming an excellent music producer.

Is It Good For Beginners With Zero Experience

Yes, absolutely. BTV SOLO is a great choice for beginners. It’s my first go-to recommendation for all newbies who are just starting out with beat making.

The main reason is that it has a great user-friendly interface with easy and simple layout. You can be sure that you won’t get lost between functionalities with this software. All features are put in clear locations and are easy to use by anyone. This software is designed for beginners and new music producers.

And no one can ever put it better than the software creator himself, he says :

btv solo review 7

Besides,  BTV SOLO can be a good alternative music producers who wanna get into the next level. It will help you improve your mixing and arranging skills faster than any other DAW. It gives you a full control over your beats to make the most out of your sound samlples.


What Makes BTV SOLO Awesome (Pros)

Easy-To-Use Features


BTV SOLO has all options that you need to create killer beats and it’s difficult to count all of them. However, these below can be considered to be the most important features:

16-track sequencer
The ability to edit existing kits easily
The option to choose from the software's library sounds or you can import your own sounds.
You can create your own drum kits easily.
Record any sound you like or load samples 16 or 24-bit .WAV or .AIFF files supported.
On-board Mixer with so many effects (over 60 preset effects) that will help you create outstanding beats.
MIDI keyboard controller support
Multiple Export Methods ( you can export just the drums or just a specific track for example).


Real Time Support

Their fast and amazing support is actually what makes BTV SOLO stand out form other beat makers that don’t give much importance to their support.

BTV SOLO’s support engineers will take your hand and help you solve any problem that you face during the process of producing beats using their software.

There’s no risk involved at this particular matter. Their support is impeccable.

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials


You’ll get in addition to the program a lot of high quality training videos that cover every feature on BTV software. They’ll take you step by step to teach you how to use every feature and ultimately how to make awesome beats that people would love to hear.

The videos are in HD and produced with a good and clear sound to make your learning process comfortable. They’re well explained and easy to follow.

Big Sound library

This library alone is worth 699$. It contains thousands of presets and instruments made by professional sound engineers that will definitely blow your mind. This is THE SECRET INGREDIENT of all good beats.

All professional music producers say that having amazing sound samples is half the work. So, having cheap and bad sound samples will eventually make poor beats no matter how skilled you are.

But, don’t worry. You’ll not going to have that if you purchased BTV SOLO. I’ve listened to many (I couldn’t listen to them all because they’re too many 🙂 ) of these sound samples and I assure you that they are high quality instruments that will certainly help you create killer beats. 

Two Usage Licenses

Which means once you purchase the software you get to use it on two computers. You can use the second license on your laptop for example or you can offer it to a friend.

This could be the best gift ever if your friend is into music production, right ?

Lifetime Updates

It’s another reason that convinced me to buy this software back then. It’s just amazing that you’ll get all the upcoming updates (New features) for free and for as many years as you still alive.

On the market, it’s really hard to find another beat maker that offers the same thing.

Affordable Price

Unlike many other beat makers, BTV SOLO is very affordable to almost everybody who wants to start beat making. This ain’t an overly-priced software like most of beat makers in the market. I

To be honest, no matter how much time you spend searching in the market you won’t find a better beat maker that offers the same value for this price. You just can’t. This beat maker is the best VALUE FOR MONEY you can get.


What I Didn’t Like About BTV SOLO (Cons)

I think BTV SOLO doesn’t have many cons that are worth mentioning. However, every piece of software has some downsides. this isn’t an exception.

No Search Box

It’s seems that the creators of BTV solo forgot to add a search feature to the program which makes it, in the first days of using, a little bit hard to find a sample for example.

However, it’s something that you can live with it. It’s not really something that can ruin your user experience. But, I guess I had to mention it for the sake of objectivity.

A Quick Video Review of BTV SOLO

What Other People Are Saying About It

BTV solo is highly recommended by many music producers for all of the amazing things that this program has brought to beat making. Many of them consider it to be the best beat maker recently made. Take a look at these reviews below:

btv solo review 8

System Requirements for BTV Software

In order to have BTV solo software running on your computer with no problems, your computer should have at least the following specifications :

btv solo review 10

Where To Buy It

So you want to buy BTV solo software ? then the best place to go is the official website where you can find more details about the software.

Still not sure? That’s not a problem. They actually offer a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. So, you can purchase the software and try it out for 60 days and then if you didn’t like it you’ll get your money back with no questions asked.

There’s no risk involved with this. It’s all up to you my friend.

To sum up, This is literally the BEST BEAT MAKER DESIGNED FOR BEGINNERS available in the market at the moment.

So, if you’re really serious about starting beat making then this is exactly the kind of software that will put you in the right direction. It will help you learn the basics fast and ultimately you’ll bet able to produce killer beats that will blow your friends’ minds.

So what are you waiting for? 🙂


dr drum review

Dr Drum Review: Is It Really Good For You?

dr drum review

You might have seen a lot of people talking about Dr Drum all over the internet. Some Say that it’s a waste of money, and many others praise it as one of the best beat makers available in the market. But why the general opinion regarding Dr Drum is divided ?

In my opinion, this is due to the fact that Dr Drum is not fit for all kind of beat makers especially professionals. This beat maker, as their creators announce on their website, is basically designed for beginners that have no previous experience with music production.

And I think that they actually succeeded in this particular part by making Dr Drum one of the easiest beat makers ever made.

All That You Need To Start Beat Making HERE


dr drum review banner


What I Did Like About Dr Drum

It’s Incredibly Easy To Use

Yeah, you’ll be able to master in just a few hours of usage. The layout and features are easy to use and the whole program interface is completely user friendly that anyone can get used to it fast.

Great Video Tutorials

In addition to the software, you’ll get dozens of informative videos that will show you step by step how to use every feature on Dr Drum effectively. The videos are High Quality and easy to follow for complete beginners. You won’t get lost !!

Amazing Sound Quality

With Dr Drum, you get to use .WAV files over Mp3 which gives you the ability to produce high quality beats just like professionals producers do it.

LifeTime License

This means you won’t have to pay for future updates. Instead you’ll get Free updates ( New features and options ) as long as you still alive.

Huge Sounds Library

You’ll find within Dr Drum package a huge library that contains hundreds of sound samples and professional instruments made by professional engineers. Using these instruments will definitely get your beats to a whole new level.

Don’t Worry About Computer Specifications

This beat maker works on both PC and Mac. Also, it runs on almost anything so you don’t have to worry about your computer’s specifications to run this software.

Have All Features That You’ll Need

Dr Drum is at the same time easy to use & powerful.

  •  It comes with a 16-track sequencer to edit and compose your sounds and has thousands built-in drumbeats and keys.

dr drum review

  • Also, it has a 12 pads per kit Drum machine and a huge database of exclusive sounds. Besides, you import your own sounds easily using drag-and-drop option.

dr drum review

  • A 4 Octave Keyboard with so many samples : piano, guitars, FX…

dr drum review 3

  • You get to export your beats in 44.1 stereo 16 Bit .WAV format which is a High Quality sound
  • Dr Drum has Multiple Screens for editing which allow you to do several mixing operations at the same time.

Free “Sell Your Beats” Report

Along with what mentioned above, you’ll receive a free report on how to sell your beats. The report contains great techniques and tips that will help you get into the beats selling industry. Also, it will give you a good idea on how start selling your beats in a competitive market.

Very Affordable Price

To be honest, you’ll never find a better beat maker with these so many amazing things that Dr Drum offers at this price. Lucky you, Dr Drum creators are offering a DISCOUNT for the next few days.

Grab Your Copy NOW For Only $29.95 Before The Discount Offer Ends


Things I didn’t Like about Dr.Drum

Their Way of Advertising: I don’t know why they used many traditional Marketing sentences in their website. Maybe because it works with some people. But personally, I didn’t like it at all their saying that you’ll create hit beats overnight. Because in reality that’s not possible and to produce killer beats you need to spend some time on learning beat making skills which is not going to happen overnight.

It’s a little bit limited: Dr.Drum doesn’t have all the features and options that expensive and advanced beat makers have. Though, it’s a good start for complete beginners to learn the basics of beat making without having to struggle with too technical and complicated options.

What I  Recommend You To Do

At this stage, i believe that you have a good idea about what are the Pros & Cons regarding Dr Drum beat making software.

So, let me just make it easier for you to take your final decision.

I think if you’re new to beat making and want to start well and learn beat making skills that will help you create amazing beats. Dr Drum is a really good choice to start with because it’s simple and easy to use and has all great features that you’ll need while you’re starting out in beat making field.

GET A DISCOUNT When Buying Dr Drum NOW

However, if you have a decent experience with beat making and have used many beat making programs before and you’re looking for a new beat maker that will get you to the next level next to the professionals. Then, i don’t recommend Dr Drum because it will look like a step backward.

Therefore, I think BTV Solo Beat maker is what you’re looking for and it has more advanced features that will give you an absolute control over your beats.

Check out My BTV Solo Review First


Finally, I hope i made things clearer about Dr Drum and all misunderstanding that surrounds it.

As i said before, Dr Drum is great for absolute beginners that has no idea about beat making and it will definitely help them acquire decent beat making skills that will put them on the road to become good music producers in the future.

So, if you’re still beginner then go for it and try it out. What’s the worst can happen ? if you didn’t like the software you have until 60 days after the purchase to contact them and they will refund your purchase with no questions asked.


FL Studio 12 Review: Is It Really The Best Beat Maker?

FL Studio is with no doubt the most famous computer-based beat maker made for the masses. It’s powerful. It’s affordable and it can pretty much allow you to do anything with any kind of music. And FL Studio 12 the new version is on its way to ensure the continuous of this legacy.

In short, it’s a great piece of software that changed the whole music production industry making it accessible to almost any human that owns a computer.


There are hundreds of beat makers out there which makes the process of deciding which one to purchase a true pain in the ass. Especially if you’re new to beat making and still don’t know what all those features actually mean.

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. This website is mainly about discussing and reviewing the best beat makers available in the market. You can start with reading our guide on how to pick the right maker for you.

In this article, we’ll review one of the best beat makers that everyone in the beat making industry is talking about. It’s FL Studio 12. The latest version of FL Studio software.

In this review, I’ll cover the main things that you need to know about FL Studio and the latest features that were added to FL Studio 12. I’ll explain the things I like and don’t like about it with maintaining the upmost objectivity.

So, without taking more of your time, let’s get down to it.


About FL Studio

image line logo

FL Studio is a digital audio workstation (DAW) that is designed for computers both PC and Mac. FL studio is created by a company named Image Line  which was founded in 1994.

The first version of FL Studio was released in 1998 and the latest version FL Studio 12 in April 2015. This means that they’ve been developing and improving this beat maker for more than 17 years.

Image line proposes 3 different editions of this version: Fruity, Producer and Signature.

Basically, they’re all the same. But the difference is that Producer and Signature have more features, instruments and packs that are designed for more experienced users. And Fruity edition, which is the basic edition, is limited to basic melody and loops creation.

What I highly recommend is to get the Producer edition which is sufficient for most music production purposes. Getting Fruity edition will keep you limited and Signature edition is not very different from Producer edition. So, I’d say it’s best to go with Producer edition.

That’s why I decided to focus mainly in this post on reviewing the FL Studio 12 Producer edition.

What I Like About FL Studio 12 – Producer Edition (The Pros)

1. Main Features of FL Studio 12

fl studio 12 review

FL Studio 12 comes with many great advanced features that will definitely take your work to the next level. It’s that piece of software that will put you side-by-side with professionals. All you need to worry about then is becoming more creative and improving your mixing skills.

FL Studio 12 has seen so many improvements compared to FL Studio 11. The first thing that you notice is the new user interface that is more flat and cleaner than ever before. The new interface can be easily scaled without affecting its quality and in general we can say that its more user-friendly.

I should mention that your computer should have at least 1GB RAM and a minimum of 2Ghz Intel Processor. If your computer’s specifications are higher, then you’ll get a better experience using FL Studio 12.

There are so many features that come with this program. It’s nearly impossible to explain them all in one post. That’s why I invite you to take a look at this chart from the official website that contains all the features alongside with comparing the three different editions.

If you’re more into video, then you can watch this video below that will give you an overall idea of the most important differences between FL Studio 11 and 12. It’s totally worth watching.

2. Huge Sound/Loops Library

FL Studio offers the biggest library in the market. You’ll get, in addition to the program, thousands of well engineered sounds and loops that you can use instantly to create the kind of beats you like.

Most producers have admitted that no matter how good you are, if you don’t have good samples and loops there’s no way you can create any music worth listening. The secret lies in the sound samples guys and FL Studio is giving an excellent bundle to get you started in the right direction.

3. Lifetime FREE Updates

FL Studio also offers a lifetime license. This means that you’ll get all upcoming updates and features directly without paying no extra money. It’s a great thing, right ?

4. Real-Time Support

Support is one thing you won’t have to worry about with FL Studio’s support team. You can contact them directly online and chat with them. Also, you can ask others for help in the forum area. It’s really helpful especially for newbies.

5. Free Video Tutorials

On Imagine Line Youtube Channel you can find hundreds of high quality and easy to follow videos. These videos cover almost everything related to FL Studio. Therefore, I don’t think you’ll ever get lost.

6. MIDI Controller Support

I left this to the last because nowadays most of beat makers have this option. But, with FL Studio 12 you can import and export MIDI Files. Besides, it has MIDI SysEx and MMC Functions.


What I don’t Like About FL Studio 12 (The Cons)

There are none actually. It’s the best choice you have out there.
To be honest, this beat maker rocks !! It’s one of the best DAWs ever made. A lot of people would agree with me when I say that FL Studio 12 is a software that can turn your computer into a powerful home studio.

There are no excuses left for people who want to become producers. All you need is a computer and a few hundreds of dollars to get a good beat maker. This one costs less than 200 bucks. So, what are you waiting for.

Here’s an excellent beat making software that is easy to use, powerful and comes with hundreds of sound samples to get you started. Plus, there are hundreds of free tutorials online to help you learn how you can use every function of this program.

Bottom line, GO GET YOUR COPY. It’s a no-brainer actually.

Where to Buy FL Studio 12?

There are many places both online and offline when you can get your copy of FL Studio 12. However, there’s nothing better than Amazon because simply they provide the fastest delivery service alongside with the cheapest price. There’s no doubt about those two points.

Here are direct links to the three editions of FL Studio 12 on Amazon: