Dr Drum Review: Is It Really Good For You?

dr drum review

You might have seen a lot of people talking about Dr Drum all over the internet. Some Say that it’s a waste of money, and many others praise it as one of the best beat makers available in the market. But why the general opinion regarding Dr Drum is divided ?

In my opinion, this is due to the fact that Dr Drum is not fit for all kind of beat makers especially professionals. This beat maker, as their creators announce on their website, is basically designed for beginners that have no previous experience with music production.

And I think that they actually succeeded in this particular part by making Dr Drum one of the easiest beat makers ever made.

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What I Did Like About Dr Drum

It’s Incredibly Easy To Use

Yeah, you’ll be able to master in just a few hours of usage. The layout and features are easy to use and the whole program interface is completely user friendly that anyone can get used to it fast.

Great Video Tutorials

In addition to the software, you’ll get dozens of informative videos that will show you step by step how to use every feature on Dr Drum effectively. The videos are High Quality and easy to follow for complete beginners. You won’t get lost !!

Amazing Sound Quality

With Dr Drum, you get to use .WAV files over Mp3 which gives you the ability to produce high quality beats just like professionals producers do it.

LifeTime License

This means you won’t have to pay for future updates. Instead you’ll get Free updates ( New features and options ) as long as you still alive.

Huge Sounds Library

You’ll find within Dr Drum package a huge library that contains hundreds of sound samples and professional instruments made by professional engineers. Using these instruments will definitely get your beats to a whole new level.

Don’t Worry About Computer Specifications

This beat maker works on both PC and Mac. Also, it runs on almost anything so you don’t have to worry about your computer’s specifications to run this software.

Have All Features That You’ll Need

Dr Drum is at the same time easy to use & powerful.

  •  It comes with a 16-track sequencer to edit and compose your sounds and has thousands built-in drumbeats and keys.
dr drum review
  • Also, it has a 12 pads per kit Drum machine and a huge database of exclusive sounds. Besides, you import your own sounds easily using drag-and-drop option.
dr drum review
  • A 4 Octave Keyboard with so many samples : piano, guitars, FX…
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  • You get to export your beats in 44.1 stereo 16 Bit .WAV format which is a High Quality sound
  • Dr Drum has Multiple Screens for editing which allow you to do several mixing operations at the same time.

Free “Sell Your Beats” Report

Along with what mentioned above, you’ll receive a free report on how to sell your beats. The report contains great techniques and tips that will help you get into the beats selling industry. Also, it will give you a good idea on how start selling your beats in a competitive market.

Very Affordable Price

To be honest, you’ll never find a better beat maker with these so many amazing things that Dr Drum offers at this price. Lucky you, Dr Drum creators are offering a DISCOUNT for the next few days.

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Things I didn’t Like about Dr.Drum

Their Way of Advertising: I don’t know why they used many traditional Marketing sentences in their website. Maybe because it works with some people. But personally, I didn’t like it at all their saying that you’ll create hit beats overnight. Because in reality that’s not possible and to produce killer beats you need to spend some time on learning beat making skills which is not going to happen overnight.

It’s a little bit limited: Dr.Drum doesn’t have all the features and options that expensive and advanced beat makers have. Though, it’s a good start for complete beginners to learn the basics of beat making without having to struggle with too technical and complicated options.

What I  Recommend You To Do

At this stage, i believe that you have a good idea about what are the Pros & Cons regarding Dr Drum beat making software.

So, let me just make it easier for you to take your final decision.

I think if you’re new to beat making and want to start well and learn beat making skills that will help you create amazing beats. Dr Drum is a really good choice to start with because it’s simple and easy to use and has all great features that you’ll need while you’re starting out in beat making field.

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However, if you have a decent experience with beat making and have used many beat making programs before and you’re looking for a new beat maker that will get you to the next level next to the professionals. Then, i don’t recommend Dr Drum because it will look like a step backward.

Therefore, I think BTV Solo Beat maker is what you’re looking for and it has more advanced features that will give you absolute control over your beats.

Check out My BTV Solo Review First

Finally, I hope i made things clearer about Dr Drum and all misunderstanding that surrounds it.

As I said before, Dr Drum is great for absolute beginners that have no idea about beat making and it will definitely help them acquire decent beat making skills that will put them on the road to become good music producers in the future.

So, if you’re still a beginner then go for it and try it out. What’s the worst that can happen? if you didn’t like the software you have until 60 days after the purchase to contact them and they will refund your purchase with no questions asked.

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