How Many Computers Can I Install FL Studio on

How Many Computers Can I Install FL Studio on

Many people know that FL Studio offers flexibility in diverse aspects, including the installation aspect. If you have once installed FL Studio on more than one computer, you might want to know whether such installation has a limit. So, how many computers can you install FL studio on?

You can install FL Studio on as many computers as you can lay your hands on, but you should note that it is unethical to install FL Studio on a public computer or any computer you can’t control.

The developers of the software allow multiple installations so that their customers can install the software on all the computers they own. Kindly read on to get more information about multiple installations and see how you can move FL Studio from one computer to another.

Can I Use FL Studio on Multiple Computers?

Yes, it’s possible to use FL Studio on multiple computers, but you need to be careful not to break Image-Line’s terms of service while using FL studio on multiple computers. According to Image-Line’s terms of service, a user can install FL Studio on several computers and activate each of the packages with a single license as long as the user doesn’t share the software with other people.

The FL Studio license will not limit you to a single operating system since you can use a license both on Windows and Mac computers. We recommend that you install FL Studio only on the computers you own because Image-Line has the right to revoke your license if someone else uses your software either with your consent or without your consent.

How Do I Move FL Studio to Another Computer?

You’ll sometimes need to move FL studio from one computer to another. For instance, you’ll need to move the program when you get a new computer. Fortunately, it’s easy to move FL studio between computers. Follow the instructions below to move new and old versions of FL Studio between computers.

For FL Studio 20 or higher

The first thing you should do is to install the latest version of FL studio on your new computer. After that, you should install VST/AU plugins. Next, you should copy FL’s data from the old computer to the new computer. 

By default, FL’s data will be saved in a user data folder. The path to this folder usually follows the format C:\Users\[your computer account]\Documents\Image-Line\. If you data outside this folder, copy that data also. Press F10 when on the main menu to for additional saved data folder.

Ensure you save the data in the same way as the old computer so the data is seen on FL studio. To verify, launch FL studio and test your projects after copying the data.

For old versions of FL Studio

Both FL Studio 11 and 12 save data in the installation folder, so the data saved by the old versions won’t be visible to new versions of FL studios since the new versions use data saved in the user data folder. If you want the data saved by old versions of FL studio to be visible to the new version, you need to move such data from the installation folder to the user data folder. 

Kindly follow the instructions below to move data from old versions of FL studio and make those data visible to new versions of FL studio.

The first thing you should do is to install the latest version of FL studio on the new computer. After that, you should copy data from the old computer to the new computer, as shown below.

Plugin database


C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 11/12\Data\Patches\Plugin database


C:\Users\[your computer account]\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Presets\Plugin database

Custom presets


C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 11/12\System\Config\Mapping\Generic

C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 11/12\Data\Scores


C:\Users\(your computer account)\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Settings\Mapping\Generic

C:\Users\(your computer account)\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Presets\Scores


Project data


C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 11/12\Data\Projects

C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 11/12\Data\Patches\Rendered

C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 11/12\Data\Patches\Sliced beats

C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 11/12\Data\Patches\Recorded


C:\Users\(your computer account)\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Projects

C:\Users\(your computer account)\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Audio\Rendered

C:\Users\(your computer account)\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Audio\Sliced audio

C:\Users\(your computer account)\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Audio\Recorded


Open FL studio on the new computer after you have copied all the data as shown above. Go through the projects you created to verify whether the data you copied are visible. If you cease to own the old computer, we recommend that you uninstall the FL Studio software on it.

Can I Sell My FL Studio License?

Let’s start by telling you a few things about the FL Studio license so that you will understand everything associated with the sale of an FL Studio license. The value of an FL Studio license never diminishes even after the license has been transferred to several people. 

Therefore, a person might get several updates for many years and still sell out the license at the current market value at any time he or she wishes. If a lot of users keep selling their licenses this way, a time will come when Image-Line will be totally out of business.

The resale of license might sound a bit fair if Image-Line uses hardware protection to monitor the time that a user stops using a license. Image-Line doesn’t want to bother their customers with complex copy protection schemes, which is why hardware protection is not required. 

Consequently, a user can continue to use a license even after selling it out to someone else. Of course, such an act is very unfair to the developers who have put much effort into creating the outstanding FL Studio software.

As a result of the things that we explained above, Image-Line prohibits the resale of FL Studio license. If you own a license and you feel you won’t need it any longer, it’s better to store your registry key somewhere safe. You may need to use it someday. 

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