How Much Is FL Studio?

How Much Is FL Studio?

Whether you’re new to music software or looking for an upgrade, you should choose a program in your price range. Some programs can get very expensive, and some of the free programs don’t offer a ton of features. Paying for software like FL Studio can be useful, but you should consider the price point.

How much is FL Studio? FL Studio has multiple package options to choose from. The cheapest desktop option has the fewest features and costs around $100. On the other hand, the option with the most features costs $900. However, each edition comes with lifetime updates after the initial purchase.

If you want to start using FL Studio to record and edit music, it’s a good option. But since they have a few packages, you must make a choice. Consider your needs and budget so that you can select the right edition of FL Studio for you.

Overview of FL Studio Packages

For better or worse, FL Studio doesn’t have one price for their software. Instead, they offer different tiers of software, and some tiers have more features than others. The different options can be a good thing if you need something simple since you don’t have to get all the premium upgrades.

However, if you do need extra features or plugins, you will have to pay more. Luckily, you can still start small and upgrade later if you need to. You can also download some plugins for free, and you can buy others separately.

So whether you need a simple program to record and edit music, or you want something more robust, FL Studio probably has a package for you. Their prices range from about $100 to $900, depending on the package you select, and extra plugins cost about $50 to $150 each.


FL Studio Fruity is the simplest program they offer, but it still has quite a few great features. You can use automation clips and pattern clips when creating playlists, and it supports internal and external output. The program lets you render projects to WAV or MP3 files, and it reads those formats and many other file types.

It comes with most of FL Studio’s effects plugins, and you can use them for phasing, reverb, and balance. You can also take advantage of quite a few of their instrument and generator plugins, including a keyboard controller and a drum pad.

Fruity supports MIDI imports and exports as well as keyboard and controller inputs. You can use a variety of effects, loops, and drum sounds when working in the basic version of FL Studio. It also includes copyright-free samples, and you can work with vocals.

At $99, Fruity is a great deal if you just need something simple. However, it does have some limitations that you should consider.  You can’t drag and drop samples on your playlist, nor can you record from a microphone. Still, plenty of people can make the most of Fruity, so you don’t necessarily need a more expensive version.

Who It’s For

Fruity is perfect for creating basic loops and melodies. You can use it to learn how to work with FL Studio and music software in general. While it doesn’t have all the plugins and features that the other versions do, it still has a lot.

  • If you’re new to working with FL Studio and want to test out the basic features, Fruity is a great place to start.
  • It’s a great option whether you’re new to FL Studio or all music software.
  • You can test out any version of FL Studio for free before you buy it.
  • However, if you don’t want to get overwhelmed, you should start with Fruity.

Once you use it, you may find that it has all the features you need. On the other hand, if you realize you need more features or plugins, you can try the next level up. Overall, Fruity is a great entry-level option for editing basic tracks.

But if you want or need something more, consider trying FL Studio Producer. It might have the extra features you want in a music program.


FL Studio Producer is a step up from Fruity, and it has all the features that most people will need. In addition to basic playlist features, you can drag and drop samples and even record directly into FL Studio. Because of that, you can use it for every step of the recording and editing process.

You also have access to the same effects plugins as with Fruity, but you can also use a couple of others. Extra plugins include Maximus, Edison Equalize Function, and Vocodex. It also supports Directsound, and you can use it as a VST client.

Producer also works with external audio inputs and outputs, and you can render your projects to different formats like MP3 and WAV files. You can use a variety of instruments and effects, and you can edit the audio and the time. It also comes with a ton of instrument and generator plugins that you can use with audio recording.

And if you like working with MIDI, it supports that as well. Like Fruity, you have access to drum sounds, samples, piano rolls, and more. You can get FL Studio Producer for $199, and for many people, the upgrade is worth it.

Who It’s For

Producer is for anyone who wants to record audio into their program. While Fruity is a great option, it doesn’t let you add audio. Instead, you must use sound samples and loops that you create digitally.

  • Unless you’re a DJ and want to work exclusively with loops, Producer is the lowest option you should consider.
  • The ability to record and edit audio is essential for aspiring music producers and audio engineers.
  • However, it doesn’t have as many plugins as the more expensive versions of FL Studio.
  • If you know you’ll want or need a lot of special plugins, Producer may not be enough for you. You might want to choose a version that comes with what you need.

Whether you’re a musician looking to record yourself or you want to edit and record for others, Producer is a great option. It has all the features you need to make and mix music. And luckily, you don’t need a ton of money to pay for it. But if you want something more, there’s also FL Studio Signature.


If you want all the features of Producer but know you’ll need extra plugins, consider Signature. It has many of the same options as Producer, but you won’t have to get additional plugins separately. For one, it comes with all the same playlist features as Producer.

Signature also offers a couple of extra effects plugins, such as Hardcore (11 Guitar FX), Pitcher, and Gross Beat. The program also provides all the same features regarding audio input and output as well as file format support. However, it also lets you adjust the pitch and time of notes when you’re editing music.

Extra instrument and generator plugins include DirectWave Full, Harmless, and Fruity Video Player2. It has all the same samples, drum sounds, and loops that you get with Fruity and Producer. And the extras can be helpful for some people, but they’re not always necessary.

If you know you’ll want some of the added plugins, Signature might be worth it for you. However, it costs $299, so the extra $100 is a steep jump.  

Who It’s For

FL Studio Signature is for anyone who wants to experiment with plugins. Since it’s not that different from Producer, it can also be a nice upgrade for people who have been using that program.

  • The extra plugins give you more control when editing or creating music. If you miss a note, you can easily adjust the pitch and time.
  • Some plugins, like the guitar FX one, can be helpful if you want to make it sound like real instruments.
  • Buying this version can also save you money since you won’t have to buy extra plugins separately.
  • However, the added cost is only worth it if you will use the extra features.

If you like Producer but feel like it lacks something, you should look at Signature. It has a lot of the same basic options, but you get more plugins. Sometimes, a few extra plugins are all you need to make awesome music.

FL Studio + All Plugins

FL Studio + All Plugins is what it sounds like because it has all the features that you’ll find on Signature, but you get all the available plugins for FL Studio. It gives you access to everything you could need or want from FL Studio, so it’s perfect for a professional recording studio.

This version includes all the playlist features and effects plugins, including a transient processor. It also has the same inputs and outputs as well as file compatibility as Signature. For instrument and generator plugins, you also get Drumaxx, Harmor, and Sakura.

Like the other versions of FL Studio, this one supports MIDI input and output. You can mix tracks and record audio directly into the program. If you prefer to work with the sounds in FL Studio, you have access to copyright-free samples, loops, and drum pads.

Because you get a ton of extra plugins with this version, it does cost a lot more than Signature. The All Plugins Bundle costs $899. If you’re new to FL Studio or music software, that’s a little expensive, but it can be worth it for some people.

Who It’s For

The All Plugins Bundle isn’t for everyone. While it has a lot of great features and plugins, the basic program is the same as Signature. If you need a plugin or two, you can buy them separately.

  • Professionals who will use a lot of the extra plugins might want the bundle since it can save you money if you need and use enough of the plugins.
  • It’s also an excellent option if you want to buy FL Studio once and have what you need for life.
  • You don’t have to worry about having to buy a plugin later when you realize that you need it for what you want to do.
  • However, you should consider the value of those extra plugins that you’ll use. If the cost of the plugins is less than the difference between the bundle and Signature, you might want to get each individual plugin.

The FL Studio All Plugins Bundle is an excellent choice for anyone who needs all the features and plugins you could ever want. You don’t have to worry about finding plugins that do certain things, and you can take advantage of all that FL Studio has to offer.

FL Studio Mobile

The recent advancement of smartphones and tablets means that you can do a lot from a mobile device. If you need or want to edit music on the go, consider FL Studio Mobile. You can use the program to record and edit music on your phone or tablet, and you can import and export files.

The mobile version lets you record audio, and you can use onboard synthesizers and loops in your music. You can also use an on-screen keyboard and drum pads, or you can connect a MIDI controller. The app lets you browse different samples, and you can mix tracks and adjust the volume and timing.

It supports WAV and MP3 files, and the program works well on different screen sizes. You can input notes for a piano roll, or you can edit a recording of a piano roll. The audio engine is great, so the quality depends on the device you use.

When you’re done with a project, you can share it with other FL Studio Mobile downloads. If you use FL Studio on your desktop, you can load your mobile projects there with a free plugin. You can start using FL Studio Mobile for $13.99 on iOS or $14.99 on Google Play.

Who It’s For

FL Studio Mobile is an excellent option for anyone on a super tight budget. You can use it on Apple and Android, and the price is much lower than the cheapest desktop version. However, it still offers a full set of features for recording and editing music.

  • You can use the mobile version with or without the desktop version, and you don’t have to worry about having your computer with you.
  • If you want to test out FL Studio, the app can be a good option since you can create full projects, but you don’t have to have a computer.
  • The syncing feature is awesome if you want to work on a project across multiple devices or with another musician.
  • It’s also a good companion to the desktop version since you can start a project on the go and finish it at home.

While many people probably prefer to edit music on a laptop or desktop, FL Studio Mobile is worth considering. As tablets start to become more like computers, you might decide to leave your laptop at home more. But you can still use the app to work on projects when you don’t have your computer.

Do You Need Plugins?

When comparing Signature and the All Plugins Bundle, you might wonder if the bundle is worth it. Both versions have the same features, and even Producer offers most of those features. To choose the best version for you, you should consider plugins.

Some musicians use plugins all the time to help add different sounds and edit audio. However, other musicians may just want a program to record audio and do basic mixing. If you plan to do a lot of editing and mixing, you might want some plugins.

Still, consider what plugins you want and how much they cost. FL Studio had both free and paid plugins, so decide which ones interest you. If you want enough of the paid plugins, the bundle will be worth it. But you can always buy one or two plugins or start with the free ones, so do what is best for you.

Can You Try It Out?

One of the biggest reasons to try FL Studio is that you can try it out before you buy it. Each of the desktop versions let you use the program for a bit to make sure you like it and that you choose the right version. FL Studio even has a quiz you can take to help you decide.

Unfortunately, the mobile app doesn’t have a free version, so you’ll have to pay to test it out. Still, you can try the desktop version to get a sense of the basics, and then you can get the mobile app. The good news is that it isn’t too expensive.

Final Thoughts

FL Studio isn’t cheap, but it comes at different price points based on the features you need. If you want something simple, you can go with Fruity or a Producer, or you can choose Signature or the All Plugins Bundle for more features. And if you need to edit and record on the go, you can use FL Studio Mobile.

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