How To Choose The Right Beat Maker

the right beat maker


One of the essential tools that you’re going to need in order to start beat making is to have a Digital Audio Workstation which is for us (people who use a computer to make beats) a beat making software.

Deciding which beat maker is right for you is becoming really frustrating these days because obviously there are dozens of good beat making programs out there. So the question that we will try to answer it in this post is: How to choose the right beat maker that will actually help you develop your beat making skills?

Avoid Making This Mistake When Choosing Your Beat Maker

Most of Beat making beginners think that they should look for the most powerful beat maker available in the market and buy it. It’s simple, right? So, why I’m wasting my time writing this post then!

However, unfortunately it’s not that simple at all because usually the most powerful isn’t the right beat maker for you especially if you still new to beat making.

You should be aware that every beat making software has a customer target. For example, Dr Drum is designed especially for complete beginners while BTV SOLO can be used perfectly by both beginners and average producers. So, you should read carefully what the creators of the beat maker are saying about their software and watch some tutorials made with the same software to see if you could handle the interface of the software.

Therefore, if you still new to this then you’d want to be very careful when buying your beat maker because most of beat makers are too complicated and only a few beat makers could be the right beat maker for you.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Beat Maker

These choosing factors below are classified. So, you should go through all of these factors respecting the order as the first factor is more important than the one that follows.

Computer Specifications required

This will sound too obvious, but the truth is many people forget to ask the beat maker seller about what minimum requirement their computer should have in order to run the software without facing any problems while producing beats.

So, always remember to ask for computer requirements before even looking to the beat maker’s features.

Free Tutorials

If you still just starting with beat making you will need to take this seriously. If a beat making software doesn’t come with free video training, don’t buy it.

Many beat makers come with pdf manuals to explain the features of the software. Which is not good enough if you want my opinion. Since, video tutorials are easier to follow then look for beat makers with video tutorials included.

Customer Support

When I first started beat making, I was using many free beat makers and as you know everything that’s free doesn’t come with any customer support. So, I really had tough time using those programs.

You never know what problems that will get in your way. So, always choose a software with better customer support than its competitors.

Features and Options

Comparing beat makers based on their features is something you should always do before deciding which software you’ll choose. However, some beat makers may have better features, but they’re not easy to use which makes them really hard for you to master.

In case you’re very familiar with beat makers, then looking for the most powerful beat making software is probably the right beat maker for you that will help you get to the next level.

Type of License

Some beat makers come with lifetime license which means that you’ll get all the upcoming updates for free. But, most of them don’t give a lifetime license.

Therefore, the type of license is something you’d want to take a look at if you don’t want to spend your life paying for new updates.

Sound Samples Library

Beat making softwares usually come with free sounds and instruments that you can use to create your beats. But, Some of them offer thousands of really awesome high quality sounds like BTV SOLO.

Sounds are crucial and they have a huge impact on your beats. So, you need to take this important factor into consideration.

Money-Back Guarantee

This factor isn’t an important factor anymore since almost all beat makers offer a 60 or 30 days money-back guarantee.

Nevertheless, you should always check if this option is there or not. So you know of you could to get your money back if you didn’t find what you’ve expected from the software.


It’s normal that you should try to get the best value possible with the least price. Thus, you make sure that you’re well informed about the best beat makers available in the market.

The Best Beat Maker You’ll ever find With less Than 30$

Final Thoughts

I think that’s all you need to check before deciding to buy any beat maker in front of you. And, you can use the factors mentioned in this article to compare different beat makers to see which one is the best.

Also, it’s very important to check the reviews and testimonials written in order to know what’s the right beat maker for you. Therefore, I invite you to check our Beat Makers reviews Page where you will find our detailed reviews regarding best available beat makers.

If you feel that there’s something i forget to mention, please don’t be shy and leave a comment below. I’d really appreciate it.

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