How To Sell Beats Online : The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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People get into beat making for many reasons. Some of them do it because it makes them feel great like they’re stars and music producers. Others make beats to show their friends that they’re cool and awesome. But, most of the people (At least those I know) got into beat making for the sake of money. What about me ? to be honest, I wanted to make money. If you have the money, everything else will come by itself, right ?

Since you still here, then I’ll assume that you make beats for money and you want to know how to actually make some decent money.


How To Make a Beat: Everything you Need To Know


Since 90% beats are being sold online and selling beats is a lot easier, I’ll focus on this detailed guide on how to sell beats online. So, let’s get started !


What Do You Need To Start Selling Beats ?


To start selling beats online you NEED to have 3 things :

1. Good beats with positive feedback from fellow beat makers.

2. You’ve used free royalty sound samples only (To prevent any copyright issues).

3. A place to sell your beats


Are Your Beats Good Enough To Start Selling Them ?


This the most important part of this guide. So, I want you to focus with me here as most of the people get confused on this particular stage.

Actually, it’s not easy at all to answer this question. It’s more difficult than you may think. So, take your time and be sure that you know what you’re doing. If your answer is wrong and you tried to sell beats that sucks, you’ll be just wasting your time. Worse than that, you’ll hurt your name as a producer which is going to need so much time to overcome it.

The problem here is: How to define “good” ?

Some beats may sound great to you when for me they’re literally S****. However, I tried to come up with things that you need to consider and that will help you to answer correctly to that BIG question.

Things to consider :

Get Feedback: I’m not talking about your close friends or neighbors that will lie to you to make you feel better. Find professional beat makers and ask them what they think and what precisely went wrong that you should fix.

Provide High Quality Beats: Always produce your beats on .WAV files to make sure that the quality of your beats will still good if they try it on another audio device

Listen To Popular Beats: In order to have a good idea of the quality of beats that are actually being sold in the market, I recommend you to buy some of them and listen to them. Try to find out what is common between all those popular beats and make sure to add it to your own beats.


Why Should I Care About Copyrights ?


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If you’re not familiar with beats copyrights: Read This Article First

Copyrights are very important matter in the music industry and everybody gives attention to them. So, if you want to sell beats online without getting declined from every beat selling community (will get to that soon). Make sure that you’re using free royalty sound samples.

Therefore, all kind of sounds and vocals from movies, TV shows or other songs are forbidden to include them to beats that you’re willing to sell.


Where To Sell Beats ?


There are two major options available for you to sell your beats:

1. Beat community Stores

2. A Personal Website

I’ll cover both options to make things clear to you. You can use both options at the same time which I recommend actually.


1. Beat Community Stores


sell beats

There are hundreds of beat community stores out there. Some of them are free but they cut a percentage from your sales revenues. While others have premium accounts that offer more advanced options and some of them doesn’t cut anything but you still have to pay monthly fees.

This is the simplest choice you have in front of you that doesn’t require having any technical experience with payment methods and websites administration in general.

However, the major disadvantage of beat community stores is that you’re not independent at all. If they’re not cutting from your revenues, they’ll probably costing you monthly fees. Also, you only have one page which you can’t customize it as you want.

Here are some of the best beat community stores available online. So check them out.


2. A Personal Website


sell beats


This the best option that gives you an absolute control over everything on your website from pages, design to method payments. Also, using a personal website gives you a good reputation among music producers. People will get to notice you as an independent and professional beat maker.

But, the downside of having a personal website is that you’ll need to pay for a domain name and hosting fees. Besides, you’ll need to hire somebody to design the website for you if you really want to have a good-looking website. In addition, you’ll need to learn online marketing to be able to drive traffic to your website which is going to be a bit difficult in the beginning.

The good news is that they’re out there some affordable choices that will save you a lot of money. Here are the best deals I found for you if you want to create your website.

– You can get a web hosting (free domain name included) from Bluehost for only 3.95$/month.

– You can find professional people that can setup, design and customize your website here at Fiverr.

– Also, you should read about Internet Marketing and Traffic driving methods: CopyBlogger

– To read about how to market your music and build your brand name:


3 Tips To Sell Beats Fast Every Beginner Should Know


1. Learn e-Marketing

There are thousands of beat makers like yourself that are failing constantly to sell beats. It’s not because their beats are not good enough. The main reason is that they don’t give enough importance to e-Marketing. Super producers stand out from other average producers by using the power of internet marketing effectively to reach clients. They know how to get people to their websites from the right sources and they know how to convince them to buy their beats by using a good copywriting strategy.


2. Offer Free Beats

In order to show the world how good your beats are, you’ll have to give some of them away for free. This is something every beginner who’s trying to sell his first beat should do. Also, that’s will provide you the feedback that you need to know if people really like your beats or you should change something.


3. Be unique

As human beings, we give more attention to things that are different and unique. It’s something that you need to consider before getting your name out there. You should be unique in everything you do. From your photo on social media accounts to your beats.


#Bonus: 5 Mistakes You Make When Selling Beats (Video)



Last Words


In fact, you’re not going to sell any beats on your first days after putting them online. But, it’s completely normal and there’s nothing to worry about. Just keep marketing your name and your beats by using different marketing channels (Social media, Beats store, Forums…) and if your beats are really worth it then it won’t take too long to make your first dollars.


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