Make Beats Online : Best 3 Free Online Beat Makers

There are many online beat makers out there trying to get your attention and get you to use their services. Some of them are premium services and others let you use their online software for Free.

Actually, I’m not a big fan of online beat makers. The main reasons are the low performance and the lack of essential features that you can easily find in almost every offline beat making software. At least that what online beat makers a few years ago used to be.

Are Online Beat Makers Worth using ?

I decided to do research to see if there is some new advanced online beat makers that I didn’t know about. So, I went to google and I found many websites offering free online music production services. So, I tried many websites and to be honest some of them are actually not bad at all.

I was chocked because I didn’t know that over the last few years web-based beat makers has been developed to a level that practicly allows you to make some decent beats online.

Therefore, I can say that some of these free online beat makers can be a good start for beat making beginners that still not completely sure if they really want to enter beat making field or not. So, if you do like Music and want to try creating your own music for fun then these 3 websites below are exactly what you’re looking for.

The Best 3 Online Free Beat Makers

After hours of research and testing, Here are the best free online beat makers available on the web at the moment ( Based on my opinion of course ) :


online beat maker

After a trial on their online studio and after comparing it with other online beat makers, I think they have the best online music production studio so far.

Their online studio comes with so many effects and virtual instruments that will help you make beats easily in minutes. Also, what distinguish them from other competitors is their user-friendly studio layout that any person with no previous music production experience can easily use.

Soundation has ,in addition to the free account, many other paid accounts that come with better features such as import audio option, record live audio and the possibility to store your projects and beats directly on your account.

But since this article is about free beat makers, I’ll focus on the free account only.

Soundation Free Account Features

– Over 700 sound effects that can be easily implemented in your beats.

– 5 Virtual Synthesizers ( Simple, mono,…).

– 4 Sound samples players

– Many sound effects that will blow your mind.

– Other features such as : Virtual keyboard, time stretching, pitch shifting…

To see all features :


online beat maker

AudioTool.Com is a powerful online music production that is designed for complete beginners that know nothing (Even less than what John Snow Knows :)) about music production.

It’s really a great tool that has a simple interface which is easy to use. The preset effects and instruments are easy to implement on your beats with just one click.

Also, it has thousands of sound samples that you can mix and play with in order to create whatever kind of music ( rap, dubstep…) you like. And, you can connect your online studio with any device like a MIDI keyboard controller if you have one.

Besides, there are 7 instruments (sample players) you can choose from and many mixing tools that make it very simple for you to create your beats just the way you want them to be.

Audiotool is totally free and you can use it without even signing up. But, if you want to be able to save your projects and beats using their cloud storage then you must create a Free account first.

To take a look at all features :


online beat maker

AudioSauna is an amazing Free online beat maker that is less complicated than Soundation and Audiotool. Though, it has all the great features that you’re going to need as a beat making beginner. It’s a free-disctraction beat maker.

With AudioSauna’s online studio, you can mix, record and edit any sound using many real time effects and preset instruments. It has also a Virtual Analog Synthesizer with 2 oscillators that you can control using your computer keyboard which makes it more fun.

Besides, AudioSauna has a Frequency Modulation Synthesizer with classic 80’s sounds and so many built in effects.

In addition, you can import mp3 and .WAV files to the studio and edit them using a very advanced stereo sampler.

To see All the features : AudioSauna Features

I Think it’s worth it, So Give it a Try !!

All online beat makers mentioned above are definitely the best ( I tried over 30 websites ). So, you should try them all and see the one you like the most and use it.

I’m not saying that using free online beat makers would make you an outstanding producer. However, making beats online is just a way to try beat making and see if you really like it.

So, if you’re serious about beat making then these online beat makers won’t help you be a professional music producer. Instead, you should consider buying some professional equipments first.

Full Guide : All The Things You’ll Need To Start Beat Making

But, as I said earlier in this post, if you still not hundred per cent sure about entering beat making industry then maybe trying these online beat makers will at least give you an idea of what’s waiting for you.

Also, if you still don’t have enough money to buy professional equipments then using these free online beat makers would be a great way to learn the basics of beat making. Therefore, after saving enough money to go pro you’ll find yourself familiar with beat making.

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