Wedding DJ Prices

Wedding DJ Prices

I was wondering what the prices are for wedding DJs. I did a massive amount of research and came up with an average cost according to what I have found.

So how much are Wedding DJ Prices? The average cost is around $100 per hour. Additional items such as a photo booth, extra speakers, and equipment, and whether the DJ will be the Master of Ceremonies makes a difference in the prices. With all the add-on services and equipment, the DJ costs can range upwards of $1,000 – $2,500. These are the explanations in prices for each of the services or equipment added.

Photo Booths for Memories – Rentals

Photo booths make a memorable statement at any wedding for the new couple as well as the guests. Selfie stations and interactive kiosks offer fun-and-entertaining DIY photo booths that capture memories.

Memories and More Photo Booths –

Memories and More offers large, modern photo booths with color or black-and-white photo options as well as personalized photo layouts and border options. While a professional photographer typically centers around the ceremony and the wedding couple, the photo booth captures more candid shots.

Pricing: $445-595

ShutterBooth –

The ShutterBooth service options include a modern open-air kiosk and a traditional curtain booth with integrations like Boomerang, custom filters, green screen, GIF booth, social sharing, etc. It’s more than just a photo booth experience. The photo booth features the newest technology, with 360-degree video experience.

Pricing: $125-$200/hour (2-3 hours minimum)

Simple Booth –

Simple Booth offers social photo experiences, with unique iPad selfie stations and photo booths. It’s a DIY photo booth, which allows you to capture memories before-and-after the main event (bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette party, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, and even the baby shower).

The HALO® selfie station offers up-scale options. Called the “perfect wedding photo booth,” it’s one of the best social-photo experiences, because it’s easy to use, fun, and memorable. The Simple Booth might just be the perfect solution for all your personal and professional needs.

Pricing: $149-$500/month

TapSnap –

TapSnap offers fun-and-interactive photo booth rentals, with social media integration and unlimited professional-quality photo prints. TapSnap offers options for unlimited prints, photo collages, and social sharing.  These photo booth options offer ideal mementos for guests and the wedding party while playing the part of the entertainment at the event with projection to screens around the venue.

Pricing: $250-$350/hour

Equipment for Sound and Lights – Rentals

With so many options for adding audio and lighting to a wedding ceremony and reception, it may be a good idea to tap into rental options. It helps to mitigate the costs, while also allowing you to focus in on the right equipment you need for your wedding.

CrossFire Sound Productions –

CrossFire Sound Productions offers compressors, effects processors, microphones, limiters, and other rack gear for all your audio, video, lighting, and staging. The gear includes Digital Mixing Boards, Loudspeaker Management Systems, Lighting Bars, Moving Beam Lights, Display Monitors, Video Camera, Laser Projectors, Video Switchers, etc.

Pricing: $8-$6,750

Rock ‘n Roll Rentals –

Rock ‘n Roll Rentals offers Ceremony Accent Uplighting, Ceremony Lighting, Dance Floor Lighting, Stage Lighting, Projector, etc. Rock ‘n Roll rents out DJ equipment, including controllers, interfaces, mixers, special effects, media players, turntables, and monitors.  

Pricing: $42-$699/weekend

Rent My Wedding –

Rent My Wedding offers package deals with options for a Photo Booth, Uplighting, Cake Spotlight, Head Table Backdrop, and Monogram Light, with free shipping nationwide. This comprehensive event package is designed to support the needs of a bridal couple, so they can have the wedding of their dreams.

Pricing: $299-$829


Mixers and Controllers are key to your collection of Wedding DJ gear, which can come in handy for your own special day as well as other events and celebrations. With the latest technology, the choice of DJ gear has become more streamlined and even more economical. Depending on the quality of the sound system and how high-tech the setup is, the DJ may bring equipment valued at $8,000-$10,000.

Here are a few of the top tech picks for Mixers and Controllers.

Pioneer DJ Professional Multi Player –

This DJ multi-player features an improved sound design, a large touch screen, 8 hot cues, a Pro DJ Link, DDJ-SP1, 3-position lever, memory cue, cables, etc. This setup supports DJ software like rekordbox, with export options that support easy access to huge music libraries.

Pricing: $2,199.00

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ All-in-One DJ System –

This all-in-one system features superior sound quality, media support, optimized controls, pro DJ link, touch screen, etc. The XDJ-XZ offers the key features you’ll need for your wedding, with a 64-bit digital signal processor that supports crystal-clear audio. You can even play tracks directly from your laptop. It’s club-ready sound and advanced features—all available in a compact, rugged setup.

Pricing: $2,299.00

The Ultimate DJ System –

This CDMB-5000 Dual CD Player / DJ Audio Mixer Combo is ready-to-go with a microphone, Speaker Stands, and Headphones, with all the cables you need for connecting to your iPod or computer. It’s the ultimate DJ package, with the DJ system, sound system, PA system, and equipment that supports all the standard audio requirements at your wedding.

Pricing: $949.00

Master of Ceremonies

A Master of Ceremonies (MC or emcee) is the host for a wedding or other event. The role of the MC is to introduce speakers for toasts or other readings at the wedding. The MC makes announcements and interacts with the audience. It often falls to the MC to keep the wedding schedule on track.

Pricing: ~$25/hour. (The DJ may offer MCing as part of his/her package options, but it may add on the additional cost to the hourly rate,~$125/hour.)

What Do I Look for in a Wedding Master of Ceremonies?

The person you select as the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for your wedding will be a key figure in the events of your special day, so make sure that you choose carefully. Here are some considerations for how to select the right Master of Ceremonies.

Make it Personable.

The best Master of Ceremonies for your wedding should be someone who can tell stories and jokes, but who can also help make the day memorable and fun. The DJ could be the right person to fulfill the MC role, but it is a pretty big range of responsibilities. Make sure the person is up for the task.

Make if Structured.

It is easy to think that the MC you select will be able to pull off all the introductions and scheduled activities without a plan, but there is a lot to think about for your wedding day. The role of the MC can take a load off your shoulders and take on responsibilities that would be difficult to manage for any other member of the wedding party.

Here is what the MC can do for you.

  • Introduction. The MC can introduce family, guests, speakers, and members of the bridal party. The person should be able to quickly get up to speed on all the key wedding personalities.
  • Schedule Keeper. The MC can keep track of the schedule, make announcements to get the bridal party and guests moving in the right direction and make sure that everyone is where they need to be for photos, toasts, and other memorable events.
  • Entertainment Manager. The MC can manage the music, speeches, photo slide show, cutting the cake, the first dance, toasts, etc. The MC that all the important participants are in the right place(s), with the approved script.

With so much at stake, you cannot leave anything to chance. So, be sure to set up practice sessions. You need to know what to expect before the day of the wedding.

Make Sure It is Someone You Trust.

You will not have time to oversee all the activities yourself, so make sure that the person you select as your MC is reliable. It is important to make sure that you communicate your expectations and needs. The MC will not be able to read your mind.

Beyond the schedule, talking points, and list of activities, it might be helpful to loop the person in on the discussions of what is happening, when, and how. Your MC represents you and your wishes on your wedding day, so also be sure that it is someone who can handle the huge responsibility.

Related Questions:

Can I request a Wedding DJ for however long I need?

Yes, you can request to book the Wedding DJ for as long as needed. Some Wedding DJs have a set number of hours for an event and may charge overtime or an extended rate for a longer timeframe. Be sure to request the time frame you need. Most DJs play weddings for 4-5 hours, but the person may be willing to accommodate a longer timeframe.

Are special electrical outlets required for the DJ equipment?

If the Wedding DJ is bringing the equipment, you need to know what the power and setup requirements will be. So, you need to ask the DJ about the equipment, and then ask the venue about what they can support. If it is a popular venue for weddings and other events, the electrical system should be able to support the requirements of the Wedding DJ. You still need to verify the electrical requirements.

Does the Wedding DJ Offer MC Services?

Not all Wedding DJs offer Master of Ceremonies services, so it’s important to ask about all available services. Even if MCing is not listed in the list of services, the Wedding DJ may still be willing to do it. Since MCing is such an important role at your wedding, make sure the DJ has experience with making announcements and performing other required tasks. Find out if the MC-services are included in a package deal or if it will involve additional costs.

Can the DJ Offer Examples of MC Skills?

Since most DJs work other events, it’s usually easy to get a sense of how they handle the playlists and the crowds at various venues. It may be a bit more challenging to determine how the DJ will handle the MD-duties, and that’s an area where you can’t afford to take chances. Don’t be afraid to ask the person to demo an MC scenario, so you’ll know what to expect. You may also be able to reach out to other former wedding clients to get a better sense of how their voice and personality come off in a wedding setting. The DJ may also have video clips or examples of what their MCing voice sounds like. If you do reach out to former clients to learn about his/her MCing skills, be sure to find out whether the DJ was responsive to direction, as well as whether the person was willing to be “part of the team” at the wedding.

Should the DJ Own Their Own Equipment? What Equipment Should They Own? Do DJs Have Backup Equipment?

For popular wedding venues, it’s possible that there is a range of DJ equipment that is available for use and/or rent. Depending on the sound and DJ experience you want, it may be better to find a DJ who owns his/her own equipment. By bringing their own equipment, it’s more likely that the DJ is familiar with the equipment and there may be less of a chance that they’ll have hiccups or technical issues at those critical wedding moments. Whether the DJ is using the equipment at the venue or bringing their own equipment, make sure the person is certified and knowledgeable on how to use the DJ equipment. Knowledge and experience with DJ equipment in real-life situations really does count for a lot, because it’s likely the person will know exactly what to do if something goes wrong.

While backup equipment is not absolutely required, it’s a reassuring touch. It means that you’ll have a way to move forward no matter what goes wrong with the A/V equipment on your wedding day. You may not have control over whether you’ll have backup equipment, but you can make sure to practice the setup, make sure the DJ will arrive in plenty of time to work out any kinks and check to find out how long the DJ will stay after the ceremony is over and the reception is in full swing.

Does the DJ’s Pricing Include Special Equipment and/or Vendor Management?

You should ask the DJ what equipment they have when you first start discussing your wedding day with him/her, but also mention any special equipment (speakers, sound system, and wireless microphones) you’d like them to bring. Make sure you have a clear (and documented) sense of the costs for both standard and special equipment. Depending on what the DJ’s timeframe is and their ability to bring the equipment you need, have A/V equipment options ready to rent or purchase on short notice. You can’t afford to have any mishaps or missteps on your special day.

In some cases, the DJ may cover the renting, procurement, and/or managing of photo booths, special effects, laser projectors, lighting solutions, and much more.  With such a range of options and possibilities, make sure the DJ is knowledgeable and responsible. If the DJ is the point-person for A/V and special effects vendors, fully vet the person to make sure that you can trust and rely upon him/her. Be sure to ask if there are additional costs involved in setup and teardown for special equipment and other vendor activities. If the costs are significant, with overtime or other fees, it might be worthwhile to put a “special equipment” team in place who can take care of the setup, teardown, and vendor relationships.

What About the Backup DJ? Will a Backup DJ Cost More Money?

A backup DJ could be a partner, friend, or local colleague. Most couples only start thinking about a backup solution when the first choice is no longer available, but you should ask your DJ whether they have backups in mind in case of emergencies. While nobody wants to think that an accident, illness, or unexpected emergency could make cancellation a possibility, think about and plan for alternative options in case you need a DJ at the last minute. To mitigate possible delays or unfortunate circumstances, you may be able to reserve the DJ for the full day. The DJ may also offer a backup DJ as part of the package deal.

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