Where Can I Buy FL Studio 12?

Where Can I Buy FL Studio 12?

The music business is continuously changing—including the technology used. Part of what helps new up-and-coming artists perfect their craft and established musicians produce new, favorite hits is modern digital audio workstation (DAW) technology. One of the most well-known DAW applications today is FL Studio, by Image-Line; their newest version of the software is FL Studio 20, but their previous version 12 has seen popularity since its inception in 2015. 

Where can I buy FL studio 12? FL Studio 12 is an older version of the software, so you will most likely only find it on Image-Line’s website. However, if you purchase the newest release of FL Studio, FL Studio 20, you can receive access to FL Studio 12 at no extra charge.  

The type of music production software you use will determine how easy you will be able to create new, unique musical tracks and beats to take your craft to the next level. The remainder of this article will discuss the various benefits FL Studio 12 and the inclusive FL Studio 20 offers users, and where you can purchase it to start making music magic.  

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About FL Studio

In the early 1990s, the co-founders of Image-Line, a Belgium based gaming company, hired a 19-year-old French man named Didier Dambrin to develop the FL Studio software we know today. They wanted to develop an easy-to-use, portable recording studio that had the ability to record live instruments and vocals all in one place. It was eventually initially released to the public in 1998, but no one realized the amount of success and popularity it would bring in future years. 

Until 2003, FL Studio was known as “Fruity Loops Studio.” Naturally, no one ever took the name seriously. Kellogg’s also challenged the application for the company’s trademark as they have a box of cereal with the same name. 

Since then, Fruity Loops Studio became FL Studio (although long-time users still refer to it as “Fruity Loops”). The company has long tried to distance itself from its nickname. However, its goofiness still feels appropriate since the program has a reputation of providing a coming-of-age experience for young music producers and musicians.  

The FL Studio Software

The FL Studio application itself is a well-known music production software. The FL Studio software is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and has been around for more than 20 years. DAWs have made the creation of music more accessible than ever before, and FL Studio is a one-stop-shop software that has a history of shaping artists from the good ole days from a turntable to a music-making machine. 

About FL Studio 12

FL Studio’s name is synonymous with high-quality sounds, and its previous version 12 is no exception, with features to make your experience even more enjoyable and professional sounding than ever before. 

Version 12 was released in 2015 with updated plugins, a redesigned mixer, improved 32 and 64-bit plugin support, and improved file management. FL Studio 12 remains to be one of the most widely used musical tools for the millennial generation, and its features continue to increase with the release of its newest version 20. 

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Benefits of FL Studio 12

What makes FL Studio 12 stand out? This application can provide an array of benefits, depending on the type of software you get. It can help you become an expert producer of your own or the music of others. By learning to compose, arrange, edit, record, mix, and master professional quality music with easy to follow tutorials, you are in control of your music.

FL Studio is very user friendly. They offer a complete manual and an excellent online interface to assist you with anything that might be unknown to you or that you may be having a hard time with. It might take a little time and practice to get familiar with it, but it is almost impossible to hit a button and not create a musical sound. 

The most significant appeal is the fact that anyone can use this software and produce professional quality music tracks from the comfort of their home; you can take advantage of this application anywhere the inspiration finds you. 

Features of FL Studio 12

With FL Studio 12, you get a big bang for your buck! The numerous features that come installed within the software make your production experience much easier and faster. According to Image-Line.com, FL Studio 12 offers updates specific to the edition that you have. They list the notable features as:

  • Vectorial UI – FL Studio 12 is 100% vectorial, allowing it to be used on 4K, 5K, or 8K monitors with sharp consistency.
  • Mixer – Resizable with six layout styles, three user configuring docking panels for track management. An adjustable multi-fader selection. Improved mixer track grouping. Multi-touch support. 10 FX slots per track. Enhancing and sub-mix functions.
  • Updated Plugins – 3xOSC, Edison, Formula Controller, Peak Controller, Keyboard Controller, Envelope Controller, Hardcore, Patcher, Fruity Convolver, Channel Settings, ZGameEditor Visualizer, and many more.
  • Piano Roll – The piano roll includes time markers that enable labeling and looping. Stamp tool-allowing users to select chords. Macro for overlapping notes. Editable ghost-allowing direct interaction.
  • Playlist – Drop multiple stems or Audio Clips on the Playlist from any Windows file browser.
  • Browser – The browser has an improved layout with user configurable category tabs. The categories include Files, Plugins, and Current Projects.
  • Multi-touch Support – Has been extended to Mixer functions, Channel settings, and Control Surface. Swap in-between Windows Multi-touch and FL Studio modes.
  • Improved 32 & 64 Bit VST Plugin Support – The wrapper was redesigned to improve stability and compatibility. The FL Studio Plugin scan tool allows for unlimited VST search locations.

(Source: FL Studio)

The list of new features offered from version 12 of FL Studio continues to grow. Upcoming music makers enjoy the SoundCloud export feature to be able to share their recorded music with the public. 

System Requirements

Image-Line created FL Studio 12 to be as simple as possible, so all levels of music makers can use it. It was designed to operate on any computer system that operates with Windows 7, 8, or 10 and some macOS. If you decide to buy and download the software, it is highly recommended that you have 4GB of free disk space and 4GB of RAM available. 

The more powerful your CPU, the more channels you will be able to run at the same time, and the more instruments and FX you will be able to use. 

Where Can I Buy FL Studio 12?

Image-Line’s recording software, FL Studio 12, is an older version of the software, so it can only be purchased and downloaded directly from Image-Line’s website. However, according to Image-Line, users who purchase the newest FL Studio 20 version can also unlock access to previous FL Studio versions, including FL Studio 9, 10, 11, and 12. 

With that said, there are many places where you can purchase FL Studio 20 online as well as in-person, so you can also gain access to FL Studio 12:

Buying FL Studio 12 directly from the developer, Image-Line, will give you a direct line to support, additional plugins, and news of the upcoming versions that are available with the Lifetime Free Update. This is extremely helpful as the new FL Studio 20 version was recently released in 2019.

How Much Does FL Studio Cost?

FL Studio software has four editions. Although it can be a significant purchase, it often is an investment that pays for itself over time. The cost ranges between $99-$899, depending on what you want the software to do. The price does not fluctuate depending on the system you are running it on.  Of course, complete access to all it has to offer is going to cost more, but you can get started with the basics for a minimal amount out of pocket. 

  • Complete Access – $899 
  • Signature – $299
  • Producer – $199
  • Fruity – $99

The only other cost you might have from FL Studios 12, is the cost of additional plugins that you may want to use to develop your music beyond the pre-installed plugins.

If producing music is your ultimate goal, then you might want to consider the complete access being the investment to get the ball rolling.  When you purchase FL Studio 12, you are provided with Lifetime Free Updates, so you will never have to pay more money every time a new version is released. 

Lifetime Free Updates

How do the Lifetime Free Updates work? Image-Line is proud to provide its customers with their guarantee program. The Lifetime Free Updates program will give you access to newer versions of FL Studio for free. 

All FL Studio versions ten and up include the Lifetime Free Update; however, versions nine and older require you to purchase the update for a one-time payment of $49. 

Free Demos

Of course, there is a demo version available, but this will have limitations on the sounds you are able to use, and you will not be able to reopen saved work. The demo version will allow you to see the interface and understand how the software functions. Although there are certain restrictions on the trial version, you can:

  • Save projects
  • Export to WAV and MP3
  • Test all features and plugins created

Can You Find FL Studio 12 for Cheaper?

As with almost everything in this day-of-age, you might be able to find FL Studio 12 and other versions at websites, such as eBay and Amazon for a discounted price. Now that Image-Line has released version 20, FL Studio 12 is considered a discontinued version. 

There are many sites that might offer a free download; however, this is really just a trial. There is nothing legal about getting FL Studio for free since it is a paid software. You can get an unlimited free trial through Image-Line. 

FL Studio 12 vs. FL Studio 20

The release of various versions has been in numerical order until the 20th Anniversary of FL Studio. In celebration of their 20 years in business, FL Studio jumped straight from FL Studio 12 to FL Studio 20, yet these applications are very similar.

This application is profoundly more advanced now than it was at its introduction. Each new version that is released has new features and improvements that have been made to the classic features we have become accustomed to. 

FL Studio takes pride in listening to what their customers want from their application and making the changes to provide a better-personalized experience for all. The masses have spoken, and Image-Line produced the beloved Graph Editor feature from older versions that were dropped from the development of FL Studio 12 has returned. 

Older versions of FL Studio production software has been the stepping stone to develop more plugins and more features that users will find beneficial. Still, older versions come with the same Lifetime Free Updates as any other version. The only requirement to receive this benefit is to purchase the software. 

New Features of FL Studio 20

There have been many new features added to FL Studio 20, but this can make the interface appear to have too much going on at the same time. Fortunately, this application is very flexible, and windows can be hidden until needed. 

The classic features that have made an appearance in every version remains constant with slight improvements in the new versions that have been released over the past two decades. With the release of FL Studio 20, there have been additional new features that come pre-installed on the program.

  • Users will be happy to learn that the Playlist Track limit has been increased to 500 tracks, which will make large projects easier to produce. There is now a visual representation of the audio that you are recording. 
  • You can now freeze tracks, and they have added new mixer layout presets. The flexible consolidation potential is yet another benefit of this version. It gives users that option to maneuver instruments or samples to just a single audio file. 
  • The biggest change that avid users of FL Studio 12 can expect with version 20 is the rebirth of the native 64-bit Mac version of the application. You can now swap files between the PC and the Mac versions; one license will unlock both. 

It is important to know that you can open a project made on a lower version in a higher version, but it is not possible the other way around. For example, you can open a project made using FL Studio 12 in FL Studio 20, but you cannot open a project made with FL Studio 20 in FL Studio 12. 

Price Differences

The versions of FL Studio software do not really change in pricing. The only difference is between those particular editions of the software you select. The best benefit of buying FL Studio software is that it is a one-time purchase with Lifetime Free Update, so you will never have to buy a new version. 

With the new release of version 20, you can find a variation in cost for version 12 on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. Since it is the newest version, many third-party sellers are offering the software at a discounted rate. Some are offering a digital download only as others are selling the box. Depending on what your personal preferences are, you may want to have a physical copy of this software. 

It is harder to locate a discounted price in FL Studio 12 version because it is now discontinued since the release of version 20. You can still buy it but at the regular price of any version. Since Image-Line just released version 20, they want to make sure that it is easily available to consumers. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, breaking into the music industry, and being successful takes commitment, dedication, desire, and investment. Purchasing FL Studio 12 is a big investment in yourself and your craft. 

Having the ability to self-produce professional quality music that FL Studio 12 and 20 provides you is the type of investment that can launch your music career in a new direction. You do not have to be a trained musician or a professional producer to learn FL Studio 12 software. You can have a ton of fun playing around with the various instruments and tools that the software comes with. 

FL Studio 12 is the type of investment that pays for itself, and with the Lifetime Free Updates with version 20, you will never have anything to pay for again! It makes it easy to learn how to compose, arrange, edit, record, and mix your own music. With this application, there is no reason to pay someone else to accomplish these things for you, giving the control to you. It is your music, your craft, and now your work. 

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